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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Monday, September 23 2019, 09:07 PM in Important Stuff
Hey guys,
I will be on vacation from Tuesday 24th September to Tuesday 2nd October and will be unable to offer support in a timely manner during this period.

I will have very limited (mobile) internet access so if there are any server emergencies I will be able to get on and get things running again, but any job change requests, deleted items, purchase mistakes, account queries etc. will most likely need to wait until I return on the 2nd October.

If you have questions regarding the game or rules, please contact Gamemaster Ave or Zidane here on the website or on Discord.

Regarding updates - there will be one when I return. I didn't want to patch in a lot of changes right before I went on vacation. It will include some class skill changes, lots of juicy bug fixes, Colosseum matching updates, Colosseum consollation points and rep if you opponent quits, new Colosseum Mantles, movable Map, Battle Pet improvements and skill updates, new rank 10 pet packs, evolution dust drop improvements, and lots more. It's ready to patch once I get back from vacation :)
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