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  • Receive 50% more gold and drop chance from monsters, 50% more points from the battlefields for selected periods this weekend, and 20% off donations.
  • Brand new Dragonling vanity pets in five flavours will be available from the mall in the next update.
  • Two new titles for April and they are Crystaline Blue and Crystaline Pink. Both are available to buy from the Moolah Mall.
  • Easter will soon be here and Momo is back in town with new missions and rewards.
  • Two new titles for March and they are Mecha Tron Blue and Mech Tron Red. Both are available to buy from the Moolah Mall.
  • 5th Anniversary Giveaway
    To celebrate our 5th anniversary, Scrub Lord Sedy and Avery Savannah are giving away free gifts. Make sure you login to claim them!
  • Artisan Vendor
    Introducing Artisan, a brand new Assistant Skill that uses mined ores and gemstones to create player and pet accessories, trinkets and other...
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    Updates to Battle Pets are coming in the next update allowing you to equip your pets with armor and accessories and quickly dismiss them from your...
  • Sedy
    Sedy uploaded a photo in the album Random Dev Stuff
  • Sedy
    Sedy uploaded a photo in the album Random Dev Stuff
      waiting when you can view schematic or wing title xD , good job sedy

      report that the 5 set costume legging got some bug whole preview
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      Yeh some stuff glitches depending on the order you put it on your character and some stuff is just plain glitched all the time like some back accessories.

      Definitely time to put the weapon schematics on the mall or maybe even add a preview to vendors
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      Hope when you preview weapon schematics, it will show its +10 glow too.
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      Wow, very nice thing ^_^ But it has several drawbacks too... I'd like to say about them:
      1. We can't see all items in the 'Costume Sets and Bundles', 'Armor' and 'Weapons'. We can't see Titles and Mounts too.
      2. It's difficult to see those face-costumes, which float above the character's head.
      3. Blue and Red Dragon Swords (back-costumes) are sometimes lags when browsing.
      4. It would be more convenient not to delete all items, which we see now, but only one part of it.
      5. And the strangest lag, which I saw: the character-girl look like the boy in this window O_o
      I hope my comments will help you to improve this nice function
      P.S.: Sorry for mistakes, I'm not english-speaking :c
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      1. You can't see items in the costume boxes but you can see the individual parts in the bundles section, but only the ones your class can actually wear. Same for armor and weapons, only armor and weapons your class can equip will be previewed.
      2. Yeh I know, I reduced the size of the character a bit so you can at least see most of them but some float quite high and I didn't want to make the char even smaller.
      3. Yeh they are glitchy indeed.
      4. Maybe, but it's far too complex to add that functionality. You can just replace an item instead of clearing maybe?
      5. I will fix the issue with your char always showing as male tonight in a small patch.
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