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  • Two new titles for June and they are Dragonic Purple and Dragonic Brown. Both will be available to buy from Scrub Lord Sedy in Terminus.
  • Receive 50% more gold and drop chance from monsters, 50% more points from the battlefields, and 20% off donations this Easter.
  • Von Stein's Mansion, a brand new dungeon for up to 6 level 85 players where you must defeat the Baron Von Stein and his whacky mansion staff.
  • This month's brand new titles Grey Feather Silver, Grey Feather Gold, Yellow Feather Silver and Yellow Feather Gold will soon be available to buy...
  • Introducing the Catacombs, a brand new PK enabled public raiding dungeon, packed with bosses and treasures. 
  • 4 brand new vanity pets that drop from dungeon and world bosses are coming in the next update.
  • This month's brand new titles Baby Blue Feathers and Baby Pink Feathers will soon be available to buy from Scrub Lord Sedy in Terminus.
  • The next update, due any time now, will introduce a new Armor Reforging system, allowing you to permanently change the look of your armor.