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  • Two new titles for December and they are Mech Blue and Mech Red. Both are available to buy from the Moolah Mall.
  • Introducing the Hall of Elements, a stage and mission based solo dungeon where you must defeat wave upon wave of elementals.
  • It's almost Christmas and Terminus Center will be given a festive makeover and the Christmas Shushu will also make a return - can you find him?
  • With the new Battle Pets system you will be able to collect and keep up to six pets in your stable that you can summon and dismiss at will.
  • Brand new weapons for players that have what it takes to defeat the top-tier world bosses will soon be available from Raul's Exchange.
  • It's almost Halloween and the Terminus residents have been busy decorating the town center ready for the festivities. Denubu the Halloween Ghost will...
  • No more running around all the different vendors trying to find goodies to buy. Introducing the new Moolah Shopping Mall.
  • Get free stuff just for logging in every day!