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  • Earn yourself some free Scrub's Moolah from your daily dungeon runs and battlefields by completing new daily quests.
  • Two new titles for June and they are Divine Amethyst and Divine Gold. Both are available to buy from the Moolah Mall.
  • Introducing a new monthly PvP event starting today. The event will run on a monthly cycle, ending on the last day of the month at midnight. The top...
  • Receive 50% more gold and drop chance from monsters, 50% more points from the battlefields for selected periods this weekend, and 20% off donations.
  • Brand new Dragonling vanity pets in five flavours will be available from the mall in the next update.
  • Two new titles for April and they are Crystaline Blue and Crystaline Pink. Both are available to buy from the Moolah Mall.
  • Easter will soon be here and Momo is back in town with new missions and rewards.
  • Two new titles for March and they are Mecha Tron Blue and Mech Tron Red. Both are available to buy from the Moolah Mall.
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