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  • You can now purchase selected items directly from the nsDB item database. Items include armor, weapons, titles, mounts and even a few quest items and...
  • BitCoin is now accepted on our donation page, limited edition title shop and nsDB. So what is BitCoin? 
  • Our Love & Hate update went live today bringing a brand new Couples system, Blacklist, Revenge list and a completely rewritten Friends...
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  • Sedy
    Sedy posted a comment on Symbol of Rage (Purple Dragon).


  • Sedy
    Sedy started a new discussion, Update 23/07/14

    Update 23/07/14

    This will be patched in tomorrow morning.

    Added new setting, Hide Costume Helm that will hide costume hats/helms allowing you to show your armor hat/helm or nothing at all if both are turned off. Requested many times before but most recently here.

    Added a new row to the buffs/debuffs area for Auras (Ropes) and Stances as requested here.

    Myrmidon stances no longer overwrite the auras from the Warrior and Barbarian trees - you can now use them at the same time.
    Myrmidon Backdraft (rank 1) is now available at level 84 and requires rank 1 of Spirit Burn.

    Mumu on Insane mode now has a small chance to drop a Golden Shard for the Eye of Horus legendary quest.

    Level 75 battlefield mounts are now 0-second cast like the Moolah mounts.
    Fixed missing prices of low level battlefield mounts.
    Fixed missing badge prices of Slizzard mounts.

    Fixed tooltips of aura-type skills that only apply to the caster, like the Myrmidon and Sniper stances. They will now display "Stance" instead of "Rope" and "Affects: Self Only" instead of "People applied to: All".

    Fixed bugged duration for trap and circle skills that were displaying -0.0s in their skill tooltip.

    Fixed jumping animation of Blackened Snow Bear, Golden Nightmare and Pastel Persian.

    Got rid of that ugly character at the end of any shortened text, vendors, assistant skill window etc.

    Forgiveness emote fixed/changed and is now /beg

    Fixes to bad translations of monster transformation skill tooltip texts.

    Just something that I doubt many players know. If you type /expression laugh, /expression rage etc. etc. you get a permanent facial emote just like the temporary one you get when you say lol or angry or something in your chat. To remove it, just type /expression without anything after it.

  • Sedy
    Sedy started a new discussion, Name The NPC [Episode 1]

    Name The NPC [Episode 1]

    This is a ripoff of Kyleakin's Name The Monster event where you have to identify the NPC from the small zoomed in image below.

    1. You can guess as many times as you want but you are only allowed to guess once per post and you are NOT allowed to double post (So you can keep guessing but you need to wait for someone else to post after you before you're able to guess again).
    2. Make sure your spelling is correct and you have the full name of the NPC as it is in game. If there are more than one NPC that use this model, any of the names will be accepted.
    3. Make sure to add your in game character name to your post & GM Boxes you would like (entries without a character name and GM Box choice will be dismissed).
    4. No editing posts.
    5. First person to guess it correctly wins.
    6. No off topic posts please!

    Prize: 10 GM Boxes of Choice (1 type only)

    Name The NPC:

  • Sedy
    Sedy started a new discussion, Weekly Screenshot Contest Week 111

    Weekly Screenshot Contest Week 111

    Theme: Dungeons

    1. Nothing Inappropriate
    2. Only entries related to the theme will be accepted.
    3. Minor editing/enhancement IS allowed but don't go over the top - it should still look like a screenshot.
    4. Submit all entries before the end date (posted below)
    5. Only 3 screenshots per person/account.

    Start Date: Today
    End Date: 29th July /2014

    If I haven't judged past the date you can continue to post until I've officially locked it.

    1st Place 20 GM boxes
    2nd Place 15 GM Boxes
    3rd Place 10 GM Boxes

  • Sedy
    #nextupdate new option to turn off costume hats.
  • Sedy
    #nextupdate small change to the buff window - auras (ropes) will have their own row.