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New Event - The Fire Pit

The Fire Pit is a brand new Free4All PvP enabled arena accessible from Terminus that will host a Treasure Chest event twice a day. 

Every day at 12:00 and 00:00, The Fire Pit's Resplendent Chest will be up for grabs to level 80+ players, containing a random amount of Scrub's Moolah, Battlefield Points Potions and a Fire Pit Fragment. Collect 100 Fragments and you can exchange them for an exclusive title, [The Pit Master] and brandish fiery wings.


Players must enter The Fire Pit solo. No parties or raids can enter or be formed inside, but how you play the game is entirely up to you. You can make strategies with friends and guildies or you can just sneak in and steal the chest. There are no rules in The Fire Pit!

Announcements will be made 15, 10, 5 and 1 minute before the event starts allowing you to prepare and get to the entrance/inside, but you can enter at ANY TIME you like and position yourself for the fight. Once the event starts, the Resplendent Chest will in the middle of the pit will become lootable and whoever can get to it and stay alive for the 10 seconds it takes to open it gets the rewards inside.

Looting the Resplendent Chest is exactly the same as picking a flag in Flagmatch or Capture the Flag, and so the same principles apply for interrupting the player trying to loot it. Stuns, knockbacks, pulls and sleep are all very effective!

The Fire Pit will open it's doors this Saturday, the 8th March.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Can I enter with a party?
A. No, you cannot enter with a party and you cannot make a party inside.

Q. Will I lose the buff if I die?
A. No. You only lose the buff if you logout or disconnect or when the event is over or somebody loots the Resplendent Chest, effectively ending the event.

Q. What happens if I die?
A. You are ported to Terminus.

Q. Can I reenter if I die?
A. Yes.

Q. Will I lose Chaos Points if I die?
A. Yes.

Q. I can't open the chest.
A. You need the Fire Pit Resplendent Chest Buff to allow you to open the chest. If the event has started you will see it appear to the left of the minimap. The event is open at 12:00 and 00:00 every day and lasts up to 1 hour or until somebody loots the chest.