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Latest News
  • It's almost Halloween and the residents of Terminus have been busy decorating the town center ready for the festivities. Denubu the Halloween Ghost...
  • Check our Facebook page and enter the Halloween Event for a chance to win a Jack's Wheels mount worth 290 Moolah!
  • Check our Facebook page and enter the Summer Event for a chance to win a summer costume and hat worth 300 Moolah and get 20% Bonus on all topups...
  • It's Easter soon and the Easter Rabbit, Momo, will be back in town with missions and rewards.
  • 5th Anniversary Giveaway
    It's the 7th anniversary of Iris Online at NoScrubs this coming Saturday and we will be celebrating through the weekend and next week with...
  • It's Valentine's Day tomorrow and Alfredo has set up his store in Terminus and is offering Love Tokens in return for help stocking his shop shelves.
  • It's almost Christmas in Arcana and Terminus Center has been decorated for the festivities. Santa's granddaughter Marie is back in town with quests...
  • The Crystal Dragons, Crystalisk and Rhinestone return in this Insane mode raid dungeon encounter for level 100 players, rewarding new accessories and...
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