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Magic Tower

Introducing the Magic Tower - a new daily dungeon with 10 floors, each representing the other dungeons found throughout Arcana and even some that are yet to be discovered.


There are 3 difficulty modes (Normal, Hard and Insane) and each has it's own restrictions on levels and amount of players that are allowed to enter.
Normal Mode: Level 55-69 players - Solo
Hard Mode: Level 70-84 players - Solo
Insane Mode: Level 85 players - Duo

Each floor of the Magic Tower represents one of the other dungeons found around Arcana.

Ground: The Paniye Circus Troupe
1st Floor: Laioha
2nd Floor: Decomus
3rd Floor: Wood Garden
4th Floor: Time Lost Cavern
5th Floor: Lost Temple of Atlantis
6th Floor: Golden Temple
7th: Floor: Mushroom Hole
8th Floor:  Abandoned Labs
Top Floor: Ice Lich


Normal mode will see the player face off against normal dungeon monsters on most of the floors, while Hard mode will introduce some of the easier bosses, and Insane Mode will host the toughest bosses.

To enter, talk to the Old Wizard in Shrouded Valley and purchase a 7-day Tower Pass. Upon entering, The Old Wizard will have a quest for you that must be completed within the time limit to gain access to the next floor.

b2ap3_thumbnail_mtquest.jpgQuest rewards vary from floor to floor and mode to mode and include Experience, Buffs or a Magic Tower Token. The buffs are designed to help you on the next floor but if you feel strong enough you can choose the experience or the token instead.

Magic Tower Tokens can be used to purchase items from the Old Wizard in Shrouded Valley including food boxes, wearing cards and item cards.

The Magic Tower Normal Mode is already available and the Hard and Insane Modes will be released in the next few days.

Q. How many times can I enter this dungeon?
A. Once per day.

Q. Can I use a Dungeon Reset Card on this dungeon?
A. No. It is a Daily Quest driven dungeon so resetting the dungeon would be useless.

Q. Do the monsters drop items or gold?
A. They can drop World Drop items but they do not have their own droplist and they never drop money.

Q. I am level 85, why can't I enter Normal or Hard Mode?
A. Normal Mode and Hard Mode are tuned for lower level players. It would be far too easy for a level 85 player to enter these modes and one-hit all the monsters.

Q. But I'm 85 and I want to solo it.
A. Go for it then. It's tuned for two players but you are welcome to solo it if you want to.

Q. What food is in those Food Boxes?
A. The low level version has a range of the more popular foods made using the Cooking Assistant Skill and the higher level box has event foods, the same as those found in Speed Demon boxes awarded for doing Insane Daily Quests.

Q. Why are the card boxes cheaper than the individual cards?
A. Because the card you receive from the box is picked randomly - you might not get the card you really want. It's a gamble!

Q. What are Abandoned Labs and Mushroom Hole?
A. Future dungeons.

Q. Will you be adding more items to the vendor for Magic Tower Tokens?
A. Probably yes.

Q. Are the Magic Tower Tokens tradable?
A. No.

Q. I killed a monster before taking the quest and now I can't progress any further.
A. Too bad - you will need to wait until the next day to try again. Don't do anything until you speak to the Wizard and take the quest.

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Server Rates

Experience x15
Skill Experience x15
Quest Experience x15-25
Quest Skill Experience x15-25
Drops x15
Gold x8
Quest Gold x15-25