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Christmas is coming...

So it's nearly that time of the year, yes, Christmas is coming soon to NoScrubs, in more ways than one.


The server will be down for a quick maintenance and patch in the early hours of Saturday morning and when it returns you should find the elves have been busy preparing Terminus with Christmas trees and gifts. Even Santa's granddaughter will be taking up residence in the market handing out festive event quests with some really nice rewards. You will be able to get Santa costumes, titles, foods, an Ice Elk mount and even build a Christmas Sleigh to ride around on.

If the elves have time, they should also be helping Scrub Lord Sedy prepare the final part of his epic quest chain and you all know what rewards that will bring! Yep, new weapons to go with your sets!

Ok so what else will we be bringing you? More? You want even more? OK!

Three brand new costumes, yes you heard that correctly, THREE brand new costume sets!

Fifty new costume sets with set bonuses, yes FIFTY! Almost all of the costumes currently available have been made into sets and can be purchased as a bundle, some even have four parts so that's four set bonuses!


We also have some new costume wings which look awesome.

Sorry ladies, only had time to preview them all on a male. I'll try to add some for you later.

There is more to come but we are not quite ready to announce it yet, maybe tomorrow!

Hope you like it guys :)



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