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Level 100 Update

The next installment of Iris Online will be arriving any day now with brand new zones and dungeons to explore and enemies to defeat...


Hero and Battle Pet max level raised to 100
3 new zones, Tainted Fen, Grand Wildwoods and Port Plunder
2 new dungeons, Wonderland and Dead Man's Peak
2 new dungeon modes for Von Stein's Mansion (Hard and Insane)
100+ new field monsters
80+ new Battle Pet variations
96 new quests
2000+ new items including 72 new Alchemy recipes, 68 new Artisan recipes, 29 new Cooking recipes, armor sets, weapons, and accessories
2 new reputation factions, Pygmy Exiles and Port Plunder
7 new passive skills per class


Sandstorm Desert

Sandstorm Desert will be your first port of call on your new adventure to reach level 100. Take the portal from Sandfall Desert and be sure to check the new Notice Board for free Wanted Quests and then head up the path and speak to Cornelius who has a new quest line for you.

Quest Line & Dailies
Little Cacti Baskets, Baby Nutrition Guidelines, Baby Proof Home, Big Dang Theory, Tools of Extraction, Desert Chemistry, Baby Proofing, My Mundane Assistant, Dune Thieves, Terminus... We Have a Problem, The Tainted Fen, [Daily] Stolen Supplies Surprise!
Notice Board Wanted Quests
[Wanted] Bigeyed Sand Snake, [Wanted] Sunflower Seed, [Wanted] Desert Scorpid, [Wanted] Birdhead Boneycroc, [Wanted] Bomber Croc, [Wanted] Goblins, [Wanted] Cacti.

Tainted Fen

Tainted Fen, a dark and moody marshland and home to the Von Stein's Mansion, is guarded by the Fen Watch. Help Lookouts Bailey and Royston of the Watch clean up the Fen by completing their quests and be sure to grab the free Wanted Quests from the Notice Board.

Quest Line & Dailies
Worm Skewers, Watchers in the Night, Bones?, Fiends and Foes Chill My Toes, Trouble at the Mansion, Bats for Lashes, Something Wicked, [Elite] Fiend and Foe, The Grand Wildwoods, [Daily] Keep the Fire Going, [Daily] Flesh-Eating Plants.
Notice Board Wanted Quests
[Wanted] Fen Treesh, [Wanted] Fen Worm Worm, [Wanted] Monstrosities, [Wanted] Eye Batty, [Wanted] Necromancer, [Wanted] Fiends.

Grand Wildwoods

The Grand Wildwoods, a long lost ravine overgrown with ancient trees and forest is home to pygmy tribes, sprites, and other unknown creatures. Speak to Forest Keeper Kara for a new quest line and check the Notice Board for free Wanted Quests.

You can also earn reputation with the Pygmy Exiles by defeating pygmy monsters and completing repeatable reputation quests available for sale from the Exiled Pygmy, Pontus. Pontus will also sell you new recipes and pygmy battle pets when you have enough reputation.

Quest Line & Dailies
Wilds Ecology: Owls I, II & III, Wilds Ecology: Bloombugs I, II & III, Henge Irregular Activity, Camp Leader's Request, Find Bill, Mysterious Specimens I, II, III, & IV, Firewood, Greatest Husks, [Daily] Sakura Infestation, [Daily] Purple Thieves, [Daily] Finding Comfort.
Notice Board Wanted Quests
[Wanted] Common Bloombug, [Wanted] Willow Wilds Owl, [Wanted] Mossy Bloombug, [Wanted] Golden Wilds Owl, [Wanted] Greenback Deathcap, [Wanted] Sprites, [Wanted] Golden Bloombug, [Wanted] Azure Wilds Owl, [Wanted] Blueback Deathcap, [Wanted] High Sprites, [Wanted] Seasonal Sprites, [Wanted] Greenbelly Deathcap, [Wanted] Firebelly Deathcap, [Wanted] Purple Bloombug, [Wanted] Poison Deathcap, [Wanted] Toxic Deathcap, [Wanted] Greater Bloombug, [Wanted] Ashen Wilds Owl.
Reputation Quests
[Wanted] Owl Pygmy, [Wanted] Owl Pygmy Adepts, [Wanted] Owl Pygmy Elders, [Wanted] Dog Pygmy, [Wanted] Dog Pygmy Adepts, [Wanted] Dog Pygmy Elders.

Port Plunder

Port Plunder is a coastal zone accessed at the far end of The Grand Wildwoods. Home to more ferocious forest and aquatic creatures, as well as pirates that have taken over the port as they prepare to set sail for Dead Man's Peak to try their luck at looting it's rumoured great treasures.

As well as the dangers of monsters and pirates, the whole zone is PK enabled, so guilds can attack each other, so be on your guard!

Dead Man's Peak dungeon will be opening soon and you can speak to Stinky Finger, the Old Seadog at the end of the central pier to book passage.

Notice Board Wanted Quests
[Wanted] Chameleons, [Wanted] Parrots, [Wanted] Ju-Ju, [Wanted] Octopus, [Wanted] Giant Crabs, [Wanted] Ringtails, [Wanted] Sea Piranhas, [Wanted] Pirates, [Wanted] Deckhands, [Wanted] Wood Fairys.
The November Level 100 Update will be available to play on Thursday November 17

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