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Christmas 2017

It's almost Christmas in Arcana and Terminus Center has been decorated for the festivities. Santa's granddaughter Marie is back in town with quests and the hunt for the Christmas Shushus is back on!
Merry Christmas from NoScrubs

Christmas Quests and Store

Santa's Granddaughter, Marie, is in Terminus for the festive period. Can you help her save Christmas?

Marie has quests to hunt Christmas Shushus, rewarding a Christmas title, and quests to recover stolen gifts that reward a selection of delicious Christmas foods.

Marie's store sells Christmas themed costumes, mounts and accessories as well as items that can be purchased with Santa's Reward, obtained by completing some of her quests.

Marie's Store

Christmas Pets

Marie has six winter themed pets that she will exchange for Pet Summoning Pieces and Santa's Rewards. Speak to Marie and click on Item Exchange to see what's available.

Marie's Exchange Store

There is a pet of every type, Physical Melee, Magical Melee, Physical Ranged, Magical Ranged, Assist and Tank.
Snowy Shushu

Snowy Shushu

Type: Physical Melee 
Chance Effect: Reduce Physical Defense


Type: Assist 
Chance Effect: Reduce All Attack


Type: Magical Melee 
Chance Effect: Reduce All Hit
Snowy Bear

Snowy Bear

Type: Physical Ranged 
Chance Effect: Immobilize
Ice Solder

Ice Soldier

Type: Panzer 
Chance Effect: Immobilize
Ice Lich

Ice Lich

Type: Magical Ranged 
Chance Effect: Reduce Movement Speed

All Pet Summoning Pieces can be obtained by defeating the Christmas Shushu, Christmas Shushu Boss and Christmas Dungeon Shushu and Rudolph Summoning Pieces can also be obtained by defeating Rudolph the Lost.

The Christmas Shushu

The Christmas Shushu is a rather tough little fellow that drops Christmas Fireworks to replenish your HP, MP, or both, and also usually has some Christmas event foods and pet summoning pieces too!

But beware, the much stronger Christmas Shushu Boss might also appear somewhere in Arcana at any time, laden with Christmas gifts stolen from Santa Claus! You will need to gather your friends if you hope to defeat this one!

Christmas Shushu
He drops pet summoning pieces, Santa and Rudolph the Reindeer costumes, Christmas Sleigh and Thousand Year Old Reindeer mounts, Festive Squidink vanity pet and plenty of Christmas food and fireworks. This guy is so full of himself, he will probably challenge you to defeat him in 5 minutes for a better chance of lovely Christmas loots!

Start your Shushu hunt in the snowy areas of Shebuz Snowfield, Shrouded Valley, Altus Gorge, Hidden Cavern, Conflict Valley and Frozen Nest.

Dungeon Christmas Shushu

Adventurers might also discover the Dungeon Christmas Shushu at the end of their level 85+ dungeon runs. This guy has similar strength and abilities to the Christmas Shushu Boss and drops similar items including pet summoning pieces.
Defeating the Christmas Shushu or Shushu Boss will also buff the entire server with a random Seasonal Buff including bonuses to EXP, Money, Drops, Battlefield Points, Stats, Defense, Speed and more! These bonuses stack so you could have up to 15 buffs active at any one time.

EXPChristmas Bonus Game Buffs

23rd Dec - 24th Dec: 200% Experience and Skill Experience
25th Dec - 1st Jan: 300% Experience and Skill Experience
25th Dec - 26th Dec: 100% Reputation, 100% Item Luck, 100% Battlefield Points
31st Dec - 1st Jan: 100% Reputation100% Item Luck, 100% Battlefield Points

25% Moolah Bonus

You can get 25% OFF Moolah from now until Midnight on 31st December when you Topup using the coupon code CHRISTMAS2017 - simply head on over to the donate page and enter CHRISTMAS2017 into the coupon code box to see your new discounted price.


*This is strictly a limited time offer ending 31/12/17 at 00:00 so don't delay to avoid disappointment!

Active Game Buffs

Upcoming Game Buffs

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Crown Holders

Server Rates

Experience x15
Skill Experience x15
Quest Experience x15-25
Quest Skill Experience x15-25
Drops x15
Gold x8
Quest Gold x15-25