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It's almost Halloween and the residents of Terminus have been busy decorating the town center ready for the festivities. Denubu the Halloween Ghost has quests and goodies for everyone!

Pumpkins Everywhere!

The Terminus residents have hidden Candy Bat and pet summoning pieces inside pumpkins and planted them all over Terminus. The pumpkins can only be collected when the Halloween Event buff is active for 5 minutes at the beginning of every hour, so keep your ears alert for the cackling witch and an eye out for the Black Pumpkin event icon and get picking those pumpkins! 

Halloween Grotto

Candy Bat can be traded to Denubu the Halloween Ghost in Terminus Center for Halloween foods, mounts and other goodies. Denubu also sells other Halloween themed exclusive items for Scrub's Tears and Moolah, including Scaredy BatCat backpacks, Crucifixes, Wings, costumes and mounts. These items will only be available during the Halloween event so make sure you get them while you can!

BatCat Backpacks

Halloween Battle Pets

If you are lucky enough to find enough pet summoning pieces in the pumpkins you can use them at Denubu's Exchange Store and trade them in for one of 6 different battle pets.

Halloween Battle Pets

The rare version requires only 20 summoning pieces and 50 Candy Bat and the unique version 30 summoning pieces and 100 Candy Bat.

Debubu - Exchange Store

Broomstick Hire

Free broomstick mount hire is available in Terminus Center allowing you to try before you buy one of these amazing mounts with your Candy Bats. Just grab a broom and use it for free for 1 hour.

Broomstick Hire

Strange Portals Sighted

Strange portals have been sighted throughout Arcana and even within the walls of the Terminus fortress. Waves of zombies and other undead nasties are pouring through them and attacking adventurers on sight, so be on the lookout and take them out quickly if you see them otherwise they will turn you undead! It's rumoured they are in possession of Candy Bat!

Halloween Invasion


Denubu has several daily quests for you where you must visit dungeons throughout Arcana and collect candies for him. In return he will reward you with more Candy Bat to spend in his shop.

Denubu is also offering a reward for anyone brave enough to hunt down Jack'o'Lantern that has been sighted in some of the dungeons. Complete the Daily Quest and collect enough Dicky Pins and Denubu will exchange them for a Jack's Wheels Mk.1 car mount. Collect 3 Mk.1 mounts and you can even trade them up to a speedy Mk.2!

Jacks Wheels Mk1

Jack'o'Lantern Battle Pet

Jack'o'Lantern can also drop DNA that can be combined by Avery in Terminus into your very own Jack'o'Lantern battle pet.  This magic melee pet can attack upto 6 targets at a time upto 6m away with every attack with a chance of reducing their All Defense!

Halloween in Arcana will begin on the 15th October at Midnight and run right through until the middle of November so everyone should have plenty of time to gather enough Candy Bat to get everything they want. 



Wed 16th October - Fri 15th November: 5% Bonus Damage to Undead/Humanoid/Spirit monsters.
Sat 26th October: 100% Reputation Bonus, 100% Experience and Skill Experience.
Sun 27th October: 100% Experience and Skill Experience.
Thu 31st October: 200% Experience and Skill Experience, 50% Monster Drops, 50% Gold Drops, 50% Battlefield Points Bonus.

Moolah Topup Bonus

You can get 20% MORE Moolah from now until Midnight on 1st November when you Topup with ANY payment method.

Active Game Buffs

10% SXP Increase
Valid until:15-06-2024 00:01
Nighttime Party Bonus
Valid until:15-06-2024 06:01

Upcoming Game Buffs

Next Events

Crown Holders

Server Rates

Experience x15
Skill Experience x15
Quest Experience x15-25
Quest Skill Experience x15-25
Drops x15
Gold x8
Quest Gold x15-25