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Easter Auction Extravaganza

Our Easter Auction Extravaganza will take place over the next few days where you have a chance to get your hands on some Moolah items! We have titles, mounts, costumes, cards and also some weapons, all available for bids with Scrub's Tears.


Title Upgrades

Since the release of the new Moolah titles we have received a lot of requests from players about upgrading their existing title, and now you can!


Anniversary Update

It's been two years since we launched NoScrubs Iris Online and to celebrate we will be releasing the next instalment for you today, Sunday 23 February.


More New Moolah Titles

New titles will be winging their way to you in the next couple of days in three flavours which are Rage, Devoted and Agile. They will have exactly the same title and stats as the existing Purged of Scrubbery/Absolved of Scrubbery titles.


3rd Job Preview: The Wizard

The king of area effect damage and crowd control.


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Crown Holders

Server Rates

Experience x15
Skill Experience x15
Quest Experience x15-25
Quest Skill Experience x15-25
Drops x15
Gold x8
Quest Gold x15-25