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Update and New Costume

The Summer is coming to an end so to welcome you back we have a brand new costume for you, along with some small updates and important bug fixes.


Update - 29th June

Iris update is here! This is mainly fixing bugs and adjusting skills but also some new recipes and items have been added and Vortex hard should be a bit more interesting. The update will be applied in the early hours of Friday 29th June.


The Lost Temple of Atlantis

The Lost Temple of Atlantis can be accessed by speaking with Karen in Terminus. We currently have the normal mode dungeon for level 75 players rewarding brand new armour and weapons, IV cards, mounts and costumes. Hard mode will be released at a later date.


New Weekly PvP Event

Introducing our new weekly PvP event, starting this Friday from midnight. The event will run on a weekly cycle, from Friday to the following Friday. The top scoring players of each class will be able to claim rewards from the new PK Bot NPC in Terminus.


New Starter Pack

We just buffed up the new starter pack you get when you make a new character.


Active Game Buffs

Upcoming Game Buffs

Next Events

Crown Holders

Server Rates

Experience x15
Skill Experience x15
Quest Experience x15-25
Quest Skill Experience x15-25
Drops x15
Gold x8
Quest Gold x15-25