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Moolah Costume Updates

The costume sets available from Lady Galadriel will be getting a refresh to make them more worthwhile and allow you to wear the full set without sacrificing on stats.


World Drop Pets

Several new vanity pets have just been added to the game including Ghost, Big Purple Demon, Big Green Demon and Big Blue Demon. They drop in two flavours being Unique and Epic, from any level 80 and above dungeon monster or boss.


Danceoff Competition Results

The results of the 3rd NoScrub's Danceoff have now been announced in the forum. We asked you to make an original dance video and you really did deliver this year!


New Level 85 Chain Quest

Request-Board.pngThe next installment of quests from Scrub Lord Sedy have finally arrived. Just like before, this chain of quests award you with a brand new max-level armor set and weapon.Sedy will insist that you completed his original quest line before he entrusts you with these so if you haven't completed it already you best hurry.


ArcIris Competition Results

As some of you may or may not know, a 4-volume comic entitled 'Arcanian Iris' (ArcIris for short), based on Iris Online, will be published in Manga Magazine, Tapastic and Deviant Art under the Kagemi Studios group. Although several characters from retail players are already included, NoScrubs players were given a chance to have their characters featured as well!

Well, the results of the ArcIris competition are in! Head on over to our forum to find out who will be included in the comic.

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