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Welcome to NoScrubs Iris Online,
a Free-to-Play 3D Fantasy MMORPG
where you get to explore the
anime inspired world of Arcana!


Halloween Boosts

Enjoy x3 EXP/SXP and boosts to drops and battlefield points this Halloween weekend as well as a massive 50% MORE Moolah from donations*.
NoScrubs Iris Online Halloween


x3 Experience and Skill Experience. Starting at Midnight on 28th October for 48 hours.
50% Monster Drop Bonus. Starting at Midday on 29th October for 12 hours.
50% Battlefield Point Bonus. Starting at Midday on 30th October for 12 hours.

50% Moolah Bonus

You can get 50% MORE Moolah from now until Midnight on 31st October when you Topup with Paypal - simply head on over to the donate page and select Paypal to see the juicy amount of extra Moolah you will receive.


*This is strictly a limited time offer ending 31/10/16 at 00:00 so don't delay to avoid disappointment!

Recent Patchnotes

There will be limited support Friday 24th - Sunday 26th August (this weekend). Please b...
1 month ago 0 147
Issues with learning some Vanquisher skills have been corrected - you should now be able t...
2 months ago 0 337
There will be an update later today (time TBC but it will be before server restart). P...
3 months ago 14 853

Active Game Buffs

Upcoming Game Buffs

30% Battlefield Point Increase
Starts in 3 days 5 hours 15 minutes
29-09-2018 00:00 - 30-09-2018 00:00
30% Drop Rate Increase
Starts in 4 days 5 hours 15 minutes
30-09-2018 00:00 - 01-10-2018 00:00

Next Events

Crown Holders

Server Rates

Experience x15
Skill Experience x15
Quest Experience x15-25
Quest Skill Experience x15-25
Drops x15
Gold x8
Quest Gold x15-25