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posted on Tuesday, August 20 2019, 06:12 PM in Important Stuff
We are currently looking for new Gamemasters.

Gamemasters are our Customer Service. They interact with the community, answer their questions, and represent NoScrubs.

Gamemasters will moderate ingame and Discord chat, offer advice and help to players when asked in the game, on Discord and the website forums, and issue punishments where necessary based on established Gamemaster protocols.

Gamemasters are responsible for running mini-events on the website, Discord, and in the game, and will be required to think up new and exciting things for players to do.

Gamemasters will be required to liaise with the developer when bugs or other issues with the game are reported to them by players and may occasionally be asked to test things.

Gamemasters will be active in our Discord server:

1. Must be +18 years of age.
2. Must be of good moral character, patient and understanding, and most of all, be fair.
3. Must have a relatively thick skin, ie, not be easily offended, and conduct themselves in a professional manner even when under pressure or when feeling attacked.
4. Must have a good command of the English language, reading and writing.
5. Must have the ability and eagerness to learn and not be afraid to ask questions when needed.

A massive plus would be creative and proactive people that are able to create material for the website and YouTube including guides, tutorials, and tips and tricks for the community.

Please take your time to fill in the application form here fully and completely. Applications with poor English or brief and hurried looking answers will not be taken seriously.

Successful applicants will start on a 1 month trial basis as a Junior GM and be promoted to Senior GM after proving themselves trustworthy and capable of the role.

IMPORTANT: Potential applicants that think being a Gamemaster is about making overpowered characters with all the gear and items you could ever want and using them to play are discouraged from applying. This is not what a Gamemaster is about here. Gamemasters are restricted to 1 character and will not be able to create items until they are promoted to Senior GM.

Good luck!
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