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It is well known that dragons are usually good and nice, playful and "cuddly". It is also well known throughout the lands that dragons have a hoard of treasures that they value and save, in their big nest in a cave that they call home.

But not all dragons have good hearts. Not all value friendships and help the good people around the lands. One of the most vicious and blood thirsty dragons ever to walk the lands of Noscrubs is the great crystalline dragon! Dark sorcerers attacked him and mutilated his eternal dragon heart a long time ago, turning him into an undead form of himself - an undead creature called a Lisk!

Rid the land of this great threat, brave adventurer, and you will be rewarded by taking a peek and choosing from the great dragon's own hoard! Do you have what it takes to take on this magnificent yet vile beast? It remains to be seen...

Raid Boss
Level 75 boss requiring a raid or strong party to defeat. crystalisk.png
  • High Damage.
  • Knockbacks.
  • Area Pull.
  • Falling Crystals causing high damage.
  • Summons 4 different types of crystal with different effects and debuffs.
  • Several skills ignore some or all defenses.
The entrance to Crystalisk's Cave can be found in Hidden Cavern 1F. Speak to Guille at 97,279 to gain entry.

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Quest Experience x15-25
Quest Skill Experience x15-25
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Quest Gold x15-25

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