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Decomus Castle has been a battlefield for ages. The Noble Hybrid Warriors spent years fighting the usurping Gigantes' Royal Knights over the right to the castle's grounds.

Woons Swordwind possessor of mystical teleporting powers is put in place by the Nobles on a clearing in Shrouded Valley, waiting to teleport adventurers to the castle gates, so they can help getting rid of Gigantes's crew and kick them out of the castle's grounds.

Infiltrate the castle and find out what secret dangers lie within. Will Gigantes simply let you eliminate his army and faithful servants? How far in his evil schemes will he go to stop you? Remains to be seen, because this is a battle of strength and will, the winner takes all!

Dungeon Map
    Normal Skills
  • Eerie Shouting: Reduces movement speed, physical evasion and attack power.
  • Punch: Reduces defensive power and physical protection value and also stuns.
  • Iron Mace Crush: Damage over time and also stuns.
  • Timed Skills
  • Monster Power: Increases Humbaba's attack speed by 30%
Firstly just go ahead and whack the boss with all you got and the healer and/or range class stay out of range and attack. (if there's two melee class, a tanker and a damage dealer (or damage dealer, damage dealer) one tanks and the other attack from the back so as to ease up on the healers burden to heal. Also make sure you make the boss face sideways and not in sight of the door. This is so that when the healers heal they don't have to get too close to get into range that they'll be hit when the boss uses his skill. Once he reaches 50% HP lure him out of the place across the bridge that you crossed to get to him. I don't know why but 3/5 of the time those "boxes" don't fall down when you cross the bridge.

As long as you follow the basic principles, tankers tank and make him face-sideways so that the other melee can attack at the back of him so both can be healed without the worry of the healer being attacked. And also moving across the bridge when he uses Monster Power.

    Normal Skills
  • Distorted Passion: Reduces your mana by 100 every 2 seconds.
  • Twisted Mind and Body: Reduces your HP by 200 every 4 seconds.
  • Contempt Attention: Reduces your HP by 300 every 3 seconds.
  • Trust Revelation: Reduces All Stats by 70.
  • Coercion Undergo Sacrifice: Stuns you for 6 seconds.
  • Special Skills
  • Overshadow: Strong magical attack with knockback effect.
  • Power of Light: While stood in the Power of Light circle Sharlach will absorb 100% damage.
Okay for this boss your going to want a lot of free open space. Essentially, you want to lure him out to the bridge that you just came on.

Once that's done, just attack him normally and ranged class keep your distance from his Overshadow skill. It hurts a lot. A Good tip especially for those ranged users, when the boss is about to use Overshadow he usually 'pulls' the characters within range to him so while he's 'pulling' you just move away from him and his 'pull' skill is nulled, it doesn't work always, but if you time it correctly, it'll work almost everytime. Also, healers be light on your feet to spam your debuff's and make sure to spam your Heal over Time (HoT) skills. It'll help buffer the boss' DoT debuffs.

Soon Sharlach will be dead for he's no match for your teamwork.

Healers SPAM HoT's and keep your distance so you can remove debuff and remember about moving when he 'pulls' you. Be sure to move/lure the boss out of his sanctuary (Power of Light) when he uses it, as you'll just be wasting your skills/attacks while he's inside it.

Normal Skills
  • Moon Light Cut: Reduces your HP by 200 every 2 seconds.
  • Gap Glaring: Reduces your physical and magical hit chance by 300.
  • Timed Skills.
  • Blade Blocking: Increases Zeras's Physical Evasion and Magic Resistance value by 200.
  • Mental Culture-Vigor: Increases Zeras's Attack Speed by 20%.
You can go about killing Zaras in 2 ways, Fast n' Reckless or Slow n' Steady.

Fast n' Reckless

This method you skip all the mobs surrounding Zaraz and just lure him and attack him but with the risk of drawing attention of other mobs in the area.

Slow n'Steady:

You can guess this one. Kill all the mobs surrounding Zaras. Either way works, so go ahead and choose which best suits your style. Zaras is straight forward deal your damage and keep on going while Healer spams HoT and remove debuff's. Once he reaches 50% of his HP he will start to use Mental Discipline, so beware and stay cautious as he sometimes does swiping skills that attack players who are at both his sides or attack players that are directly front and behind of him. So a good tip for ranged users is to stay in a position that is diagonal to him. Soon enough, Zaras will be dead.

    Normal Skills
  • Rake Fist Fly: Reduces your HP by 300 every 1 second and also stuns.
  • Frecky Punch: Reduces your Physical Defense by 50%.
  • Frecky Breath: Reduces your HP by 300 every 2 seconds, reduces the amount you are healed by 300 and reduces your range by 80%.
  • Bomb Plant: Places a ticking bomb debuff which will deal 2000 damage if it is not removed within 15 seconds.
  • Timed Skills
  • Summon: At 50% Freckly will summon Tanks that silence and stun.
For this boss, i would highly suggest to clear the mobs surrounding the mob before you begin as if you accidentally gain the aggro a mob during your fight, 2 mobs will come not just one and you'll find urself now battling 2 mobs and a boss that can all give Stun's.

Like previously mentioned, if your going to lure the boss or tank it, get your healer to cast the shield on you so that you can by-pass the stun skill that he first uses.

The thing about this boss is that if you have another melee character attacking from the back, don't be surprised that the boss will suddenly attack you on sudden intervals. So, heals keep watch of the HP of your party members.

The beginning is pretty straight-forward, deal damage and healers spam HoT's and remove debuffs.

Once you get him to 50% make sure to put most of your focus on killing those summons as they usually target your healer first and a healer that's stunned/silenced is pretty much useless. So head my warning.

Each time when he spawn a summon, just ignore the boss and kill the summon then go back to focusing your primal attention to him again until he's dead.

You can never predict what this boss will do so just keep your main focus on dealing damage and healers doing your job, healing. AND make sure to kill those summons when he spawns them. If you follow this, you'll have no problem defeating this boss

    Normal Skills
  • Lightning Jail: Reduces HP by 200 every 2 seconds, reduces movement speed by 30% and attack speed by 50%.
  • Fireworks Sword: Reduces HP by 100 every 1 second.
  • Big Sword Shock Wave: Reduces your attack power by 250 and defensive power by 2500.
  • Timed Skills
  • Ice Shield: Reflects 50% of your damage back to you.
  • Summon: At 35%, he'll start to summon a total of two royal guards (at different intervals). They're not that important to focus on but if you don't want your healer to be struggling, then kill them first then continue with the boss.
Gigantes is actually very simple. Just attack and attack and attack until you see ice shield then just rest, enjoy the scenery (ice shield over) spam attack after attack, take out summons, and you'll have urself a dead Gigantes. Healers i don't need to tell you your job and as for ranged users, nor much but to attack him until he's dead (minding the ice shield).

As long as you remember not to attack him while he's using Ice shield, you'll easily win this boss, but don't be too cocky and jump the gun, he still have quite a few powerful hits, but with a well-oiled team you'll have no problems.

Woons Swordwind, Dungeonmaster of Decomus can be located in:
Terminus Meeting Area and Shrouded Valley: 280, 324
Difficulty/entry levels
Easy: Level 35+ Hard: Level 50+ Insane: Level 75

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