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Title Upgrades

Since the release of the new Moolah titles we have received a lot of requests from players about upgrading their existing title, and now you can!

To upgrade, you just need to send the difference in Moolah to Sedy in game and then send a PM here on the website with your character name, the title you have now and the new title you want.

So, if you currently have the [I'm No Scrub!!!] title and you want to upgrade to [Cleansed of Scrubbery], you just send 150 Moolah and then send a PM with the details.

Upgrade Path
[I'm No Scrub!] = 100 Moolah
[I'm No Scrub!] > [I'm No Scrub!!] = 150 Moolah
[I'm No Scrub!!] > [I'm No Scrub!!!] = 150 Moolah
[I'm No Scrub!!!] > [Cleansed of Scrubbery] = 150 Moolah
[Cleansed of Scrubbery] > [Absolved of Scrubbery] = 200 Moolah

If you already have one of the 750 Moolah [Absolved of Scrubbery] or [Purged of Scrubbery] titles and you want to swap it to one of the brand new 750 Moolah titles you can send 100 Moolah to swap.

If you are unsure how much you must send, please check the table below or send Sedy a PM with your character name and the title you want.


Once your title has been upgraded you will need to either relog your character or switch your title to something else and then back again to activate it.

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