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Guard Snow Mountain

Introducing Guard Snow Mountain, a stage and mission based dungeon where players must protect Snow Mountain from the onslaught of the invading Dwarven Clan army.

Snow Mountain

Snow Mountain is a small working town tucked away in the icey peaks of the Frozen Wastes, on the borders of Altus Gorge and Shebuz Snowfield. It's an important resource to Terminus due to the rich supply of ore from the surrounding mountain. So valuable and abundant is the ore, it's attracted the attention of a fearsome clan of dwarves!

To get to Snow Mountain you need to speak with Haben Zeppelin. You can find him at the Airship Garage in Altus Gorge. 

Haber Zeppelin can take you to Snow Mountain

How Does It Work?

Your task is to dispatch as many of the Dwarven Clan armies as you can! 20 stages of chaos await in Hard Mode for level 85 players, 15 stages for level 75-83 players in Normal Mode and finally, 10 for level 65-74 players in Easy Mode. 

Each stage involves defeating the different combinations of dwarves that arrive at one, two or all of the three entrance gates to the town as well as bosses at the 10th, 15th and 20th stage.

Random missions will be given throughout the stages asking you to finish the stage in a set amount of time, finish the stage with no deaths, kill a certain amount of dwarves in a set time etc. and successfully completing these missions awards bonus buffs, time reductions, reductions to the next stage's dwarves damage.


Just like Vortex, you can enter Snow Mountain with 1-6 players up to three times a day and it will reset at midnight server time. It cannot be reset with Dungeon Reset Cards.


Rewards are similar to those from Vortex with the addition of better HP/MP, EXP/SXP, Battlefield Point and Guild Point potions, as well as IV Wearing Cards, Money Bags, Shining Trophies, more food boxes, ores, keys, reset cards and quest items.

There is also a chance you will win a Clan Accessory Chest I, II or III containing new rings, earrings, necklaces and medals.

Haben Zeppelin has several quests that reward 75% bear mounts in exchange for Corrupted and Purified Dwarven Souls.

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Server Rates

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Quest Experience x15-25
Quest Skill Experience x15-25
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Quest Gold x15-25