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Battle Pets Update

With the new Battle Pets system you will be able to collect and keep up to six pets in your stable that you can summon and dismiss at will.
Not only will they follow you around looking cute, they will assist you in battle with an arsenal of buffs and spells chosen by you, using Pet Skill Books to teach them new tricks.


Getting Pets

Your first pet can be obtained by completing the level 1 quest Taming the Mush for Forman Beavervill in The Logging Area. She will reward you with a Mush Summoning Scroll that you can open to summon your new Mush pet and add it to your stable.

Forman Beaverville Quest

Clicking the Pet icon in the menubar or pressing [P] will open the Pet Interface where you can view all of your pet's information including it's HP, Happiness, Loyalty, Experience and stats.

Pet Interface

More pets can be obtained by using a Summoning Scroll. These scrolls can be found on monsters, as daily quest rewards from Avery Savannah in Terminus, from the shop, and also as a daily gift, and using one will award you with a random pet card.

You can also gather DNA from the monsters all over Arcana and Avery can help you splice it together to create a pet, so if you want a Shushu pet, gather enough DNA from the Shushu monster and pay a visit to Avery in Terminus.

Eye BattySpecific pets can sometimes be obtained from seasonal events such as Halloween, where you can gather enough summoning pieces to exchange for one of six different Halloween pets, including Eye Batty, or by doing daily battlefield quests and collecting enough quest reward items to exchange for a Battle Wolf or Battle Tiger.

Pet Quality & Type

Pets come in different qualities, just like your armor and weapons. The higher the quality, the more base stats the pet will have and the more it will earn as it levels up, making it stronger. The qualities are Common, Uncommon, Rare, Unique and Epic.

Most summoning scrolls found on monsters or awarded by quests will be of Common or Uncommon quality but you can exchange 10xCommon Summoning Scrolls for 1xUncommon Summoning Scroll, 10xUncommon Summoning Scroll for 1xRare Summoning Scroll, and 10xRare Summoning Scroll for 1xUnique Summoning Scroll at Avery Savannah's Exchange Store in Terminus, allowing you to save up your scrolls to exchange for a better one. 

There are 6 different types of pets:
Specialises in close-range physical combat.
Average physical damage with average defenses.
Specialises in close-range magical combat.
Average magical damage with average defenses.
Specialises in long-range magical combat.
High magical damage with low defenses.
Specialises in long-range physical combat.
High physical damage with low defenses.
Specialises in short-range physical combat.
Low physical damage with high defenses.
Specialises in long-range magical support.
Low magical damage with above average defenses.

Pet Interface

The Pet Interface
Click image to view it in a popup.

. The main Pet Interface, opened by clicking the Pet menu icon or pressing [K].
B. Rename button allows you to rename your pets.
C. The currently selected pet's base and extended stats.
D. The currently selected pet's skills.
E. The pet stable area. You can keep up to 6 pets here and Summon and Dismiss them by using the buttons.
F. The pet unit frame, showing the currently summoned pet's HP, Loyalty and Happiness, and any active buffs/debuffs. G. Pet command Attack will send your pet to attack your target.
H. Pet command Recall will call your pet back to your side.
I. Pet command Stay will command your pet to stay at it's current location until you use Recall, Attack or go out of range.
J. Pet commands Summon Pet 1-6 will instantly summon pets 1-6 from your stable.

Controlling Pets

Pet commands give you full control over your pets. You can command them to Attack your target, Recall them to your side and to Stay in their current location. There are also 6 Summon Pet commands that will instantly summon your pets from your stable without needing to open the Pet Interface.

Pet Commands

All pet commands can be found in the Community tab of the Skill Interface [K] and you can drag them to your quickbar just like your own skills. An extra quickbar bar has been added to give you plenty of space to add them.

Attack: Send a pet to attack your current target.
Recall: Call your pet back to your side.
Stay: Command your pet to stay in it's current location.
Dismiss: Unsummon your pet and send it back to the stable.
Autoattack: Put your pet into Autoattack mode. It will automatically assist you and attack when you attack. Click it again to turn Autoattack mode off.
Summon Pet 1-5: Summons the pet in stable slot 1-5. There is also a command to summon the pet in stable 6 but there is no room for it on the bar in the screenshot.

Happiness & Loyalty

Baby FoxPets are fickle creatures and need to be treated well to get the best from them. Treat them badly and let their Loyalty fall too low and they will get stubborn and refuse to come out of the stable! Make them unhappy and they will misbehave and it will start to negatively affect their performance.

Pets do damage depending on their Happiness. If they have 100% Happiness they will do extra bonus damage with their autoattack and skills, but as Happiness decreases, so does their damage. If it falls below 30% they will do dramatically less damage. Your pets will gradually lose Happiness whilst summoned and also when they die but you can keep it topped up by giving them Water. You can buy Water from Avery Savannah in Terminus.


Loyalty is also lost gradually over time and when the pet dies, and can be topped up by feeding your pet with Pet Food. Pet Food also heals their HP by a small amount and is available to buy from Avery Savannah in Terminus. If a pet's Loyalty falls below 10% it will refuse to be summoned until you raise it's Loyalty but how do you do that if it won't come out of the stable? You will need to purchase some Bulk Pet Rations from Avery. Bulk Pet Rations increase the Loyalty AND Happiness of ALL pets in your stable.

You can always see your pet's Loyalty and Happiness rating in the Pet Unit Frame and the Pet Interface but they will sometimes remind you that they are hungry or thirsty (reminders use Chat Bubbles, so make sure they are turned on in your Game Options).

Pet Growth

RacoonPets start at level 1 and level up by earning EXP, just like players. They earn a portion of your EXP so you must kill monsters that still grant you EXP. The EXP that they earn depends on their level compared to yours, and the closer your levels become, the more EXP they will earn. Pets also gain EXP from handing in quests, so make sure you have your pet summoned when you hand them in!

Pets have the same 5 base stats as players:  

Strength gives Physical Attack and All Protection.
Stamina gives Max HP, Physical Defense, Magic Defense and HP Recovery.
Agility gives All Evasion, All Crit, All Hit and Attack Speed.
Intellect gives Magic Attack and All Protection.
Wisdom gives Healing and All Protection.

Since pets do not wear any armor or other items that boost stats, they instead receive a bigger boost to stats from levelling up, but their main source of power comes from Intensify Tonics.


Intensify Tonics are used to power up your pets by boosting their base stats. There are Strength, Stamina, Agility, Intellect, and Wisdom Tonics and also Almighty Tonics that boost all 5 stats.

To use a tonic on your pet, open the Pet Interface [P] and click the Intensify button to open the Intensify Interface.

Intensify Interface

Here you will see the 5 base stats and how much has been added by using tonics. For a new pet they will all show 0. Simply drag a tonic to the Tonic slot and the interface will show the additional stats the pet will obtain from it - click OK to use the tonic and if it's successful the pet's stats will increase.

Intensify Interface

The amount of stats you can add by using Intensify depends on the pet's quality (Common, Uncommon, Rare etc.) and also it's Evolution Stage. The table below shows how many stats can be added depending on the pet's Evolution Stage and Quality.


You can obtain Tonics from Avery Savannah's daily quests.


Pets start out at Evolution Stage 1 (1*) and can be evolved to the next stage (2*) when they reach level 30. When a pet is evolved it will drop back to level 1 but it will earn bonus stats as it levels up again and it can also be intensified more times, resulting in much higher stats at max level.

To evolve a pet, open the Pet Interface [P] and click the Evolve button. Select the pet you wish to evolve from the dropdown list and it will display the pet's current evolution stage and how much of each base stat it currently gets as a bonus per level, and also the next evolution stage and it's improved bonuses.

Evolution Interface

Here you can see that the Mush pet is gaining +2 Strength, +2 Agility and +2 Stamina per level at Evolution Stage 1 and that these will all increase to +6 when it's evolved to Evolution Stage 2.

You can see in the table below how much each pet type gains from each evolution stage.


Pets can be evolved a total of 3 times, taking them to Evolution Stage 4 (4*).
Evolution Stage 2 (2*) requires your pet to be level 30.
Evolution Stage 3 (3*) requires your pet to be level 50.
Evolution Stage 4 (4*) requires your pet to be level 70.

You will need an Evolution Agent to evolve a pet. These can be found on Avery Savannah's Exchange Store and require 10 dusts that can be found in Vortex, Snow Mountain, and in special moolah bundles.

Evolution Agent Exchange

Tip: As well as increasing in power, pets also increase in size when they are evolved.

Pet Abilities

TepalPets come with one basic auto-attack that also has a chance of applying a debuff on the target. These vary from pet to pet, but include things like defense reduce, damage over time, slow, stun, sleep, dispel etc.

You can teach your pets up to 10 new skills by using Skill Books. All pet skills have 10 ranks and the rank 1 books can be purchased from Sara Savannah the Pet Trainer in Terminus.

Skill Books Store

You can teach all skills to any type of pet but doing so is not always wise. Teaching a physical damage type pet like a Tank or Melee, a magic damage skill, will not show the skills true potential. Heal skills rely on Wisdom, so teaching them to a damage type pet that has low to none of the Wisdom stat will result in very small heals, unless you feed them lots of Wisdom Tonics at the expense of tonics that would boost their damage stats.

Attack Skills

Physical damage, applies physical damage over time debuff.

Magic damage, applies magic damage over time debuff.
Arcane BreathArcane Breath
Magic damage, applies magic defense reduction debuff.
Corrosive AcidCorrosive Acid
Physical, applies physical defense reduction debuff.
Quick HitQuick Hit
Physical damage, buffs pet's attack speed.
Wind StrikeWind Strike
Physical damage, does additional damage based on pet's Agility.
Iron WhackIron Whack
Physical damage, does additional damage based on pet's Strength.
Destruction StrikeDestruction Strike
Physical damage, does additional damage based on pet's Stamina.
Arcane BombardmentArcane Bombardment
Magic damage, does additional damage based on pet's Wisdom.
Destructive BlastDestructive Blast
Magic damage, does additional damage based on pet's Intellect.

Buff Skills
Heal BlessingHeal Blessing
Heals HP of the master. Heal amount increases with Wisdom.
Magic BlessingMagic Blessing
Heals MP of the master. Heal amount increases with Wisdom.
Tough MasterTough Master
Buffs the pet's master with Stamina.
Forceful MasterForceful Master
Buffs the pet's master with Strength.
Intelligent MasterIntelligent Master
Buffs the pet's master with Intellect.
Wise MasterWise Master
Buffs the pet's master with Wisdom.
Agile MasterAgile Master
Buffs the pet's master with Agility.

Passive Skills
Increases pet Stamina.
Increases pet Strength.
Increases pet Intellect.
Increases pet Wisdom.
Increases pet Agility.

To teach a skill, open the Pet Interface [P] and click the Skills button to open the Skills interface. Drag a book into Skill Book slot and click OK to learn it. Rank 1 books have a 100% success rate but higher ranks have a lower chance and can fail. Once you start trying to teach your pet skills above rank 5, they can also drop a rank when failing so you might want to use a Lucky Scroll to increase the odds of success and a Protection Scroll to protect against rank drops.

Pet Skill Interface

Your pets can learn a total of 5 skills and will use them automatically when they are off cooldown. You have no control over which skills they use, or when they are used so if you want to use a pet specifically for healing and buffing you, it's best not to give it any other unnecessary skills.

Once your pet has learned 5 skills you can replace any of them by dragging a new skill book to the Skill Book slot in the Skills interface and then selecting the existing skill you want to replace - the old skill will be overwritten with the new one.

Higher rank skill books are obtained from monsters throughout the game and you can also combine 3 of the same book to make the next rank by speaking to Sara Savannah in Terminus and using her Combine service.

Skill Book Combine

Simply drag 3 of the same rank books into the book slots and click Combine. For example, putting 3 x Bite Rank 1 books will result in 1 x Bite Rank 2 book. Sara's fee for providing this service is 1 x Gold Catalyst that can be purchased from her sister Avery Savannah.

Tip: For the best results, make sure you use a pet type that is suited to the skill type (damage type) and try not to teach your pet too many damage skills. If a pet has too many active skills, some of them might skip a turn due to cooldowns, making them far less effective.

Pet Roles

PhinnezTo get the most out of your pets, instead of trying to make one pet do everything, decide what role you want to give each of them. Pets and their skills rely heavily on the stats of your pet and trying to make one pet do it all will make it a jack-of-all-trades but master of none.

For example, one of your pets could be your defense breaker. To accomplish this, you should teach it Arcane Breath or Corrosive Acid depending on the type of defense you want to reduce (Magic or Physical) and then teach it some Passive skills to boost it's own stats. This pet would always use it's defense breaking skill. You can also teach it some buffs since these have longer cooldowns and don't usually interfere too much with the damage skills, but if you just want to summon this pet to break defense and then summon a different pet, give it the defense break skill only and focus on giving it plenty of Agility Tonics to increase it's Hit rating so the skill never misses.

Another pet could be your mini-healer. Give it Heal Blessing, some passives and boost it's Wisdom with tonics and you have your healer. It will nearly always immediately heal you once summoned and commanded to attack a target.

Another pet could be your damage dealer. A ranged pet is ideal for this and you can give it 2-3 damage skills, some passives and even some master buff skills.

Giving your pets specific roles means you can really boost the stat that fits that role instead of spreading your intensify stat allocation to all 5 stats.

Remember. Pets can be summoned instantly, so take advantage of it and build your pets for different situations.
Thanks to everyone that reported bugs on the test server and to those that made helpful suggestions, but I would personally like to thank a few people that really went out of their way to help find bugs - RayDarkwolf and Spunny, you guys really helped right throughout the testing process, so thank you! And finally thanks to JenJen for the awesome artwork used here and in the client <3 

As a thankyou to those that made real effort to report bugs, Epic Summoning Packs will be finding their way into your giftbox on release day.

Pets will be introduced in the next update which is due the 3rd week of October.

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