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Hall of Elements

Introducing the Hall of Elements, a stage and mission based solo dungeon where you must defeat wave upon wave of elementals.
Hall of Elements

Hall of Elements

The Hall of Elements lies hidden far beneath the battlements of the Royal Castle in Terminus. Dimensional rifts appeared there many years ago and it was sealed with strong magic to protect the royal family and Terminus residents.

The magic seal is now failing so it's up to you to keep the elementals in check. You must enter the Hall of Elements and destroy them! 

Hall of Elements

How Does It Work?

Your task is to destroy as many of the elementals as you can! There are 10 stages for level 65+ players in Easy Mode, 15 stages for level 75+ players in Normal Mode and 20 stages for level 85 players in Hard Mode.

In each stage you must defeat the different combinations of elementals that pour through the 4 different elemental rifts positioned in the 4 corners of the hall, the Fire Rift, Lava Rift, Poison Rift and Ice Rift.
Players that complete Hard Mode will be added to the Hall of Elements Leaderboard.
Random missions will be granted throughout the stages asking you to finish the stage in a set amount of time, finish the stage with no deaths, kill a certain amount of elementals in a set time etc. and successfully completing these missions awards bonus buffs, time reductions, and reductions to the next stage's elemental damage.

Prince Shilly

Speak to Prince Shilly to enter. Hall of Elements is a solo dungeon so you cannot enter with a party - you must rely on your own strengths and those of your pets to get you through.

You can enter the Hall of Elements three times per day and it cannot be reset with Dungeon Reset Cards.


The rewards depends on the mode and the amount of stages you complete but include % based HP/MP potions, EXP/SXP potions, Guild Emblems, Battle Emblems, medals and trophies, tears, money bags, pet evolution dust, pet tonics, bless boxes, equip cards, IV cards and more.
The Hall of Elements will be released with the Christmas Update due any day now.

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Server Rates

Experience x15
Skill Experience x15
Quest Experience x15-25
Quest Skill Experience x15-25
Drops x15
Gold x8
Quest Gold x15-25