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Battle Pet Update: Equipment

Updates to Battle Pets are coming in the next update allowing you to equip your pets with armor and accessories and quickly dismiss them from your skill bar. 

Pet Equipment

Battle Pets can now be equipped with pet armor and accessories to boost their stats even further. Hats, Body Armor, Shoes and Gloves drop from monsters, and Collars and Trinkets can be crafted with the new Artisan Assistant Skill

Hats provide bonus Physical and Magical Defense.
Body Armor bonus provides Physical and Magical Defense.
Gloves provide bonus Physical and Magical Damage.
Boots provide bonus Physical and Magical Defense.
Collars provide bonus Physical and Magical Defense and Damage Absorb for Unique and Epic versions. 
Trinkets provide Physical and Magical Damage and HP Absorb for Unique and Epic versions.

Battle Pet Equipment TooltipAll pet armors come in 6 different variations:

of Deftness provides +Hit
of Spite provides +Crit
of Substance provides +Healing
of Fortitude provides +Max HP
of Evasion provides +Evasion

Pet equipment can be slotted with Item Equip Cards just like player equipment.

All pet armor except for the Evolution Stage Four Epic armors that drop from World Bosses and Catacombs can be freely traded.

You can view the new pet equipment and find out how to obtain it on nsDB.

Pet Interface Update

The pet interface has been updated to show each pet's equipment slots and allow you to quickly equip it with armor and accessories.

Battle Pet Interface

A. Hat, B. Collar, C. Body Armor, D. Gloves, E. Trinket, F. Shoes.

Pet Quick Dismiss

A new Dismiss button has been added allowing you to quickly dismiss your pet straight from the skill bars. You can find it in the Community Skills [K] with the other pet buttons - just drag it to a free skill bar slot.

Pet Dismiss Button
The Battle Pet equipments and other updates will be arriving later this week.

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