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New Mount Rune System

Many mounts can now be upgraded with new Mount Runes that grant bonuses to Movement Speed or immunities to negative effects like debuffs whilst mounted.
Mounts purchased with Scrub's Moolah, Scrub's Tears and Battlefield Points have been updated with new Rune Slots that can be filled with Mount Runes that grant bonuses to your character whilst riding the mount.

Rune SlotsThere are 3 different types of Runes and slots, Amber, Azure and Clear. Amber runes can only be inserted into Amber slots and Azure runes can only be inserted into Azure slots. Clear runes can be inserted into any slot.

Moolah mounts have 2 slots, 1 Amber and 1 Azure. Scrub's Tear mounts have 1 Amber, and finally Battlefield Mounts have 1 Azure.

Mount Runing

Currently available runes

Speed Rune I - 5% Movement Speed
Speed Rune II - 10% Movement Speed
Speed Rune III - 15% Movement Speed
Speed Rune IV - 20% Movement Speed
Speed Rune V - 25% Movement Speed
Recovery Rune - 100% HP Recovery
Sustain Rune - 100% MP Recovery
Resist Rune - Immunity to Magic Debuffs
Amnesty Rune - Immunity to Physical Debuffs
Endure Rune - Immunity to Poison Debuffs
Nimble Rune - Immunity to Slows
Steadfast Rune - Immunity to Immobilize
Faithful Rune - Immunity to Sleep
Resolute Rune - Immunity to Stun
Unwavering Rune - Immunity to Pulls and Knockbacks
*all immunity runes immunize against debuffs of efficiency 9 and below.

You can find Mount Runes in the Mounts tab of the Shopping Mall or in the Runes tab of Juba's mount store in Terminus.

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Server Rates

Experience x15
Skill Experience x15
Quest Experience x15-25
Quest Skill Experience x15-25
Drops x15
Gold x8
Quest Gold x15-25