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New Battle Pets

8 brand new Battle Pets that can be spliced from DNA that drops from dungeon and world bosses are now available.
These new pets can all be spliced from DNA that drops from their respective monsters. Cringer in Colossus Shadowfields, Skerris and Skelly Archer in Catacombs, Arcturis in Temple of Atlantis Insane Mode, Mumu and Typhoonus in Golden Temple Insane Mode, Gerry in Wood Garden Insane Mode and finally Tyrano Upvil from Laioha Insane Mode.

New Battle Pets

Splicing pet DNA at Avery Savannah in Terminus will give you a random quality pet scroll for the monster but if you want a guaranteed Epic quality pet you can purchase a Pet DNA Booster from the Shopping Mall.

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Server Rates

Experience x15
Skill Experience x15
Quest Experience x15-25
Quest Skill Experience x15-25
Drops x15
Gold x8
Quest Gold x15-25