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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Saturday, February 20 2021, 02:21 AM in Updates
It's almost the 10th anniversary of Iris Online at NoScrubs and we will be celebrating starting on Sunday 21st February, and throughout the entire week and next weekend!

NoScrubs Celebrates 10 years of Iris Online
It's been a whole decade since the launch of NoScrub's Iris Online! A lot has changed over the years, with lots more planned and still to come! 

This anniversary, you can get the brand new Epic quality Commemorative Earrings and your choice of a Rage, Valiant, or Devoted Mantle I by completing quests for Scrub Lord Sedy in Terminus.


You can also grab yourself the Commemorative Ring, Commemorative Necklace and Commemorative Bracelet from previous anniversaries by doing some more quests for Sedy.

Visit the Lost Mines dungeon and defeat Bossy Boxxy, a brand new boss for players of level 30 and above and try your luck at getting Symbol of Ten!, a brand new title to celebrate the 10th Anniversary. Bossy Boxxy also drops DNA for your very own Boxxy battle pet, cards, pet skill books, fireworks and possibly even Legendary quest materials for Legendary quests! Bossy doesn't care about your level or your equipment - everyone of level 30 and above is just as effective when battling this boss - so take your friends along, new and old.

Speak to Galadriel in Terminus to enter the dungeon. You can enter one time per day. Good luck!

NS Boxxy is a battle pet usually only available as a levelup reward for new players. However, during the anniversary you can hunt down Boxxys and collect Boxxy DNA. So if you already have a Boxxy pet, now is the perfect (and only) time to upgrade his quality using the recently added Pet Upgrade system. If you already have a Rare quality Boxxy, collect enough DNA by hunting Boxxys or defeating the Bossy Boxxy boss to create 3 more Rare Boxxy Summon Scrolls, and you can upgrade your Boxxy to Unique quality. The same goes for Unique. Collect 3 Unique Boxxy Summon Scrolls and upgrade yours to Epic!

50% Donation Discount
You can get a huge 50% discount on donations (excluding Mobile Phone payments) during the anniversary event, so don't miss out!

For Mobile Phone donations, you will receive 50% more Moolah instead. Sorry, but it's not possible to discount mobile payments.

To take advantage of this offer, simply visit the Topup page here on the website or topup in game as normal - the prices will already be reduced by 50%.

The anniversary events will start tomorrow, Sunday 21st February and will run until Sunday 28th February at Midnight.
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