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ravens ravens
posted on Saturday, September 16 2023, 10:01 PM in General Chat
Hi sedy , i wanna ask
1. Are max lv in this game just until lv 100 or gonna have new level cap on the another update ?
2. Is there any update about new job or advanced job ?

thanks before

Accepted Answer

Sedy Admin Sedy
replied on Thursday, September 21 2023, 12:23 PM #Permalink
Hi ravens,

1. Right now there are no plans to increase the level cap from 100 but it's possible in a future update. Raising the level cap requires a lot of new content. New maps, monsters, dungeons, quests, items, updates to ingame systems for the new level etc. etc. so it's something that takes a long time to pull together - so it's not something that will come by surprise - you guys will know well in advance that it's coming when I decide to start working on it.

2. Again, nothing planned right now, but adding a new class to the game has always been on my todo list - but other things always end up taking priority. I feel the current classes have a lot of room for improvement still before adding more to the mix. It would be fun to have a brand new class though :)
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    Evacast Evacast
    replied on Friday, December 01 2023, 02:23 PM #Permalink
    new class like monk -champion.
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