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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Friday, March 02 2018, 07:34 PM in Updates
Please run your launcher to get the latest updates:

You can now press Return after entering your password at the login screen.
Corrected tooltip of Ancient Knowledge skill.

Repositioned some monsters that were too close to portals/spawn points in Grand Wildwoods, Tainted Fen, Sandstorm Desert, Abysmal Shore, and Pandan Cove. (this change will be at server restart tonight).

Dynamic Range
Reverted the recent reduction to Dynamic Range in Terminus - it had little benefit. (this change will be at server restart tonight).

Client Window Size
The client and launcher have both been updated to fix some issues with the game's Window Size setting getting reset to the default 1024x768 every time the launcher is used.

Corrected a launcher issue where it wasn't displaying all available sizes in some cases - or the sizes were different to what the client shows in the game settings.

The following sizes should be available (depending on your screen size and your Scaling setting in Display Settings of course):

Any sizes that would equal of exceed your screen resolution width or height are now hidden. If you usually play in a window that matches your screen resolution, you now need to untick Window Mode and the game will switch to a full screen borderless window (which is effectively the same as what you had before).

Why does the game open in full screen even when I tick Window Mode?
This happens when you have told Windows to scale your text and applications but you have quite a small screen resolution. Windows does warn you that things might not fit on your screen when you do this. The game will still open and use the available space as best it can, but some parts of the game interface and menus will be messed up and possibly unusable. To fix this and play in a window again, you must decrease your scaling or set it back to 100% in Windows Display Settings, relog your Windows, and then you will be able to open the game in a smaller window again.

You can now quickly switch between Window Mode and Full Screen Borderless Window using the Alt+Enter keys.
Do note however, the game UI will reset and move around when you switch which can be quite annoying if you are specific about where you place your bars and chat windows etc. I'm looking into improving how the UI is repositioned when changing window sizes.
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