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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Thursday, July 02 2020, 11:30 PM in Updates
Thanks for your patience waiting for updates. I bit off a bit more than I could chew when I decided to tackle client performance issues - it ended up being a much bigger job than I had anticipated. Unfortunately I was already half way through the work when the nasty battlefield bug started causing problems, which meant I couldn't release a fix until I was finished with all the client updates.

The following updates will be applied on Friday night (tomorrow) at Midnight. The server will probably be down for about an hour, so back online by 1am.

There will be 50% bonuses to Monster Drops, Battlefield Points, and Monster Gold Drops on the weekend of 4th/5th July and 20% bonus Moolah included on all Moolah Topups from NOW until Sunday 12th July at Midnight.

Due to extensive updates to game assets to improve game performance, you will be required to redownload the client installer and reinstall the game. Creating a patch is not feasible due to the sheer amount of changes, as almost every asset in the game has been modified including player and monster skill effects, armors, weapons, weapon enhancement effects, costumes, mantles, NPCs, monsters, pets, mounts, and maps, and a lot of unnecessary/unused assets have been removed.

The extensive changes bring considerable reductions in system memory and graphics memory usage, improved memory handling, improved loading times of assets including faster map loading, less stutters when loading previously unseen players that come into view, and possibly increased or more stable FPS in some areas of the game.

As if by magic, the client installer has been slimmed down in size by more than 30%, from 3GB to 1.9GB, but the installed game will now require an additional 1GB of space. Huh? Yep.

Special attention was paid to maps with poor performance, including Terminus, Logging Area, Port Plunder, Grand Wildwoods, Pandahama Island, Ursadine Highlands, Colossus Shadowfields, Tainted Fen, Catacombs, Wood Garden, Temple/Battle of Atlantis, Aeterna Capture the Flag, with other minor changes to many other world and dungeon maps.

If you have a great computer with fast CPU and GPU, and Iris is installed on SSD or NVMe storage, you probably won't see as much benefit as others, but will still benefit from all that comes from the massively reduced video memory usage - especially over long periods of play with lots of moving around to different maps. It will be interesting to see if these changes improve things for laptop users with throttled CPUs and built in GPUs. Be sure to let me know if you get some good improvements.

TOP TIP: Tick the Vsync setting in Game Settings to cap your FPS (frame rate) to your monitor's refresh rate. This setting will also reduce the amount of work your computer's CPU needs to do before instructing your graphics card what to draw to the screen, resulting in much more stable FPS. There is really no need to have really high FPS in this game and due to how it was designed, it will be very erratic with huge changes in numbers depending on the direction you are facing and your camera position. Give it a try if you don't already have it enabled.

Client Download
You can download the new client in advance if you wish but you will not be able to connect to the server with it until the update is completed on Friday night.

Links are in the reply post below.

The game SHOULD look pretty much the same as always with a few slight changes to some items and objects here and there, but if you happen across anything that looks wrong please be sure to report it, and if your game crashes please submit the crash report straight away so it can be fixed as soon as possible.

New Legendary Quest: Rose Heart
A new quest to obtain the Legendary quality Bracelet, Rose Heart, is now available in Von Stein's Mansion Insane mode. You will need to find and obtain a quest start item, Mysterious Empty Bracelet, to begin the quest.


This quest works in the same way as previous legendary accessory quests (obtain 100 quest items) but I decided to increase the chance of obtaining the quest items for all party members with the quest as well as the boss dropping one, but at a lower chance. So it's a 50/50 chance to receive a quest item if you have the quest, and a 50/50 chance for the boss to drop an extra one.

Legendary Quest Drops
The chance of party members with an active legendary quest obtaining a Water Droplet, Golden Shard, Infinitas Rune Fragment, Black Heart Piece has been increased.

CQ75: Master Revealed
All party members with the quest now have a high chance of automatically obtaining a Red Heart, Blue Heart, Black Heart, or even all three of them upon defeating Crystalisk on Normal Mode. Crystalisk is also guaranteed to drop at least one of the hearts too, as always.

The PK Defeat debuff will no longer be refreshed to it's full duration of 60m if a player is defeated when they already have the debuff.

Totem/Trap/Bomb type skills that get the killing blow on a player will now correctly grant their owner the kill.

The level bands for Colosseum have changed as follows:

Level 20-39
Level 40-64
Level 65-74
Level 75-84
Level 85-99
Level 100

The level bands for Deathmatch & Flagmatch have changed as follows:

Level 40-64
Level 65-84
Level 85-99
Level 100

The level bands for Temple of Atlantis & Capture the Flag have changed as follows:

Level 65-84
Level 85-99
Level 100

Several Temple of Atlantis and Capture the Flag daily quests level requirement reduced from 85 to 65.

The minimum player requirement for Battle of Atlantis and Capture the Flag have been reduced to 2 players per side (from 3 per side). Rewards remain the same.

Battlefield Communications
You can no longer use the General or Shout channels, or Whisper any player while in a Battlefield or Colosseum match. This along with the previous changes to prevent using Guild, Union and Megaphone channels means you can only use Party/Raid chat.

You can no longer use the mail system in a Battlefield or Colosseum match.

The system message informing who defeated you is no longer displayed in a Battlefield or Colosseum match.

Since this is a PvP event map, Rakdos and Pyre Lord Azjolor have been reclassified as Elite PvP monsters, so Boss Damage Bonus will no longer be effective, but PvP Damage Bonus will now be effective on them.

Adjusted the level requirement of the Fire Pit quest to level 85 - the same level requirement for actually entering Fire Pit.

Updated all Aura type skill tooltips to inform that they deplete MP continuously while active.

Reduced Heal Recovery reduction from -25%/-50% to -20%/-30%.

Open Wounds
Increased Heal Recovery reduction from -10%/-15%/-20% to -20%/-30%/-40%.
Efficiency increased from 7/8/9 to 11/12/13 so it can no longer be dispelled.

Charge 1/2
Changed to a faster animation and now strikes two times in line with the Fighter/Gladiator Charge skill.

Changed to a faster animation.

Wind Walker
Snap Trap
The trap is now dropped at your location instead of requiring placement (same as Snare Trap).

Increased the amount of All Attack the skill reduces from from -2/-4/-6/-8% to -5/-10/-15/-20% since the Max HP reduction was removed in a previous update.

Spiked Scales renamed Final Promise 3
Duration increased from 10s to 12s.
Now recovers 2/3/4% HP every second.
Now requires Final Promise 2 from the Barbarian skill tree at max rank to learn.

Magical Resistance renamed Magical Protection and now grants 42/88/146 Magic Protection.

Magical Resistance 2 renamed Magical Protection 2 and now grants 150/200/250 Magic Protection.

The following skills had their type changed to Short Range from Long Range so that the Melee Range stat extends their range properly:

Guardian's Call

Shifting Blow

Wind Walker

Shifting Blow

Shadow Walker
Dark Seed

Shadow Blast

Von Stein's Mansion
Boss monster damage over time (DoT) debuffs are now efficiency 99 and cannot be removed.

Bomber Croc
Animation corrections.

The majority of these monster skill changes also affect Monster Transformation skills also.

Cooldown of skill 3 (Hypnosis) increased to 20s.

Coastal Mandragora
Cooldown of skill 3 (Hypnosis) increased to 15s.

Seashell Mochi
Cooldown of skill 2 (Bitter Shield Shock) increased to 10s.

Sticky Ink debuff changed to Poison type.

Poison Octocan
Cooldown of skill 1 (Poison Ink) increased to 10s.

Mung Fish
Cooldown of skill 1 (Flesh Cut) increased to 10s.

Licka Mung Fish
Cooldown of skill 1 (Cutting Flesh) increased to 10s.

Fishy Wolf
Cooldown of skill 2 (Wolf Nails) increased to 10s.

Baby Desert Fox/Desert Fox
Cooldown of skill 3 (Somersault) increased to 15s.

Duration of skill 3's (Robust Strike) buff increased to 10s.

Adept Scrapper/Adept Veteran Scrapper/Elder Scrapper/Elder Bruiser
Cooldown of skill 3 (Robust Strike) reduced to 20s and duration increased to 10s.

Cooldown of skill 3 (Skiascope Focus) increased to 60s.

Berzerker Bunny/Fluffy Bunny/Livid
Chance of skill 3 (Ground Smash) to land it's Stun debuff increased.

Highland Wolf
Chance of skill 2 (Wolf Claw) to land it's Poison damage debuff increased.
Chance of skill 3 (Prey) to land it's Silence/Skill Paralysis debuff increased.

Grassland Snake
Chance of skill 2 (Stun Attack) to land it's Stun debuff increased.

Angry Bear
Cooldown of skill 3 (Elbow) reduced to 15s.

Silver Scorpion
Cooldown of skill 2 (Armor Amputation) reduced to 40s.

Fen Monstrosity
Cooldown of skill 2 (Sticky Biting) increased to 15s.

Monstrosity Sapling
Cooldown of skill 2 (Sticky Biting) increased to 30s.

Cooldown of skill 2 (Shock Wave) reduced to 15s.

Slime/Frost/Mud/Fire Fiend
Cooldown of skill 3 (Absorb) increased to 60s.

Leaf Sprite/Dark Leaf Sprite/Blossom Sprite/Wood Sprite/High Wood Sprite/High Blossom Sprite/High Leaf Sprite
Cooldown of skil 3 (Quick Movement) increased to 60s.

Magic Wood Sprite
Cooldown of skill 3 (Nutritional Supply) reduced to 20s.

Skill 2 correction. Due to a typo, the 3rd strike of the skill was causing 500% damage instead of 50% as intended.

Transformation Card passive corrected to grant Magic Reflect as per the tooltip - it was incorrectly set to Magic Absorb.

Sticky Residue debuff changed to Poison type.

Sucker Punch debuff changed to Poison type.

Queen Glaceon/Frigid Queen Glaceon
Chill Chip DoT now does percentage based damage.

Sakun/Enraged Sakun
Anger Whirlpool now does a percentage of your Max HP as damage instead of a fixed amount.

Predator Blow and Acid Body Fluid DoTs now do percentage based damage.

Cold Blood DoT now does percentage based damage.

Tail Sting DoT now does percentage based damage.

The formulas used for calculating how much Physical and Magical Defense an armor piece grants have been modified and applied to almost all armor items in the game.

These changes don't make too much difference to newer level 85+ Epic armor items as they were mostly using a similar formula already, but all Rare/Unique pieces, and all rarities up to level 85 will see a substantial increase in defense gained (except for a few of the later level 85 sets like Frigid stuff which was decreased slightly), making the transition between item levels/rarities much smoother, with less of a jump in defense at level 65, 75 and 85, and making some of the easier to obtain items more useful for newer players or those making new characters.

Some of the newer high-level items, although granting the same or very similar TOTAL defense, will have slight differences to how it is split between Physical and Magic Defense, and also how it is split between each of the 5 armor pieces, so you might find you have slightly more of one and less of the other compared to before.

Since around level 85 I have been giving an equal amount of total defense to all 3 types of armor set items, Cloth, Mail and Plate, whereas prior to 85, it was not equal at all. Some sets gave more total defense to Cloth, some to Plate, but never to Mail, which always had less. These older items have now been equalised. The only difference is how the Physical and Magical Defense is slplit.

Generally, Physical Defense and Magic Defense is now split as follows:
Cloth: 40% Physical/60% Magical
Mail: 50% Physical/50% Magical
Plate: 60% Physical/40% Magical

Originally it was:
Cloth: 28%/72%
Mail: 50/50%
Plate: 72%/28%

Lucky Box: Battlefield Mount
Added new Lucky Box: Battlefield Mount to the Colosseum vendor for 25,000 Colosseum Points. The box can contain one of Coins, Battlefield HP or MP Potions, Battlefield Points Potions, Blessed Potion I or II, Dispel All Potions, or an instant cast 100% speed Battlefield mount with no reputation requirement.

Vial of Tears
Amount of tears obtained now ranges from a guaranteed 200, with super high chance of 300 or 400, upto a maximum of 1,000 from guaranteed 400 upto 1,000.

Trophy Exchange
Scrub's Trophy to Scrub's Mighty Trophy exchange reduced from 20:1 to 5:1 (ie, you now exchange only 5 Scrub's Trophy for 1 Scrub's Mighty Trophy instead of 20).

Scrub's Mighty Trophy to Scrub's Shining Trophy exchange reduced from 20:1 to 10:1 (ie, you now exchange only 10 Scrub's Mighty Trophy for 1 Scrub's Shining Trophy instead of 20).

Enriched HP Potion IV, Enriched MP Potion IV and Enriched Vitality Potion IV are no longer sold by vendors and only available from Alchemists.

Stat Changes
Rare quality 7-day mount Movement Speed increased from 40% to 50%.

Seal of the Lower General Monster Bonus Damage increased from 10% to 15%.

Arcanian Pioneer's Hat (world drop) stats corrected - it had the stats of a One-Piece costume instead of a costume hat.

Several old Scrub's Tear back items (Flags/Quivers) had the incorrect stats and had their 10% Movement Speed reduced to 5%.

Crystalisk's Claw, Claw Ribbons, Blue Crystal Flags, Purple Crystal Flags stats lowered by 5% Movement Speed and rarity changed from Scrub's Tear to Epic, and drop chance adjusted.

Corrected the tooltip of several Tarot Spreads that were showing incorrect buff information.

Tarot Point Price Changes
[Recipe] Physical Enhancement III
[Recipe] Magic Enhancement III
[Recipe] Healing Enhancement III
Price reduced from 400 to 300 Tarot Points

[Recipe] Physical Enhancement IV
[Recipe] Magic Enhancement IV
[Recipe] Healing Enhancement IV
Price reduced from 800 to 600 Tarot Points

Battlefield Point Price Changes
[Recipe] PvP Enhancement III price reduced from 100,000 to 49,000 BFP.
[Recipe] PvP Enhancement IV price reduced from 200,000 to 119,000 BFP.
[Recipe] PvP Enhancement V price reduced from 400,000 to 249,000 BFP.

Quartz Card VII price reduced from 400,000 to 239,000 BFP.
Quartz Card VI price reduced from 250,000 to 199,000 BFP.
Quartz Card V price reduced from 200,000 to 159,000 BFP.
Quartz Card IV price reduced from 150,000 to 119,000 BFP.
Quartz Card III price reduced from 100,000 to 79,000 BFP.

Battlefield Combatant's Mantle
Battlefield Contender's Mantle
Battlefield Adversary's Mantle
Battlefield Challenger's Mantle
Battlefield Opposer's Mantle
Battlefield Assailant's Mantle
Battlefield Antagonist's Mantle
Price halved from 1,000,000 to 499,000 BFP

Level 85 battlefield accessories (rings, earrings, necklaces and medals) reduced from 225,000 to 159,000 BFP.

Red Skull Cloak and Holy Defender's Cloak of Light battlefield cloaks reduced from 300,000 to 249,000 BFP.

Battlemaster/Warmongerer/Warlord cloaks reduced from 400,000 to 349,000 BFP.

Colosseum Point Price Changes
Colosseum Aggressor's Mantle
Colosseum Competitor's Mantle
Colosseum Bruiser's Mantle
Colosseum Immovable's Mantle
Colosseum Expert's Mantle
Price reduced from 1,500,000 to 1,199,000 Colosseum Points

Gold Price Changes
7-day Costume One-Piece reduced from 5,000,000 to 3,370,000 gold
7-day Costume Hat reduced from 5,000,000 to 2,250,000 gold
7-day Costume back reduced from 5,000,000 to 2,250,000 gold
7-day Costume face reduced from 5,000,000 to 2,250,000 gold
7-day Mounts Movement Speed increased from 40 to 50% and price increased from 1m to 9m gold.

Scrub's Tear Price Changes
Costume One-Piece increased from 250 to 399 Scrub's Tears
Costume Hat increased from 250 to 269 Scrub's Tears
Costume back increased from 250 to 269 Scrub's Tears
Costume face increased from 250 to 269 Scrub's Tears
Cloaks increased from 250 to 269 Scrub's Tears
Mounts reduced from 1000 to 999 Scrub's Tears

Moolah Price Changes
Costume Hat reduced from 150 to 99 Moolah
Costume back reduced from 150 to 99 Moolah
Restorer/Destroyer Cloaks reduced from 190 to 149 Moolah
Mounts reduced from 290 to 259 Moolah

Premium Inventory Expansion reduced from 99 to 89 Moolah
Premium Warehouse Expansion reduced from 59 to 49 Moolah

Moolah pets reduced from 290 to 190 Moolah (from 249 to 169 for season special offer pets).
Epic pygmy pets reduced from 240/220/200 to 190/180/170 Moolah.

Summoner's Exclusive Epic Pack reduced from 290 to 199 Moolah.

Epic and Moolah quality Demons, Ghost, Angel, Whelplings, and Dragonlings price reduced from 290 to 189 Moolah

[Recipe] Advanced Health Enhancement III
[Recipe] Advanced Mana Enhancement III
[Recipe] Advanced PvP Enhancement III
[Recipe] Advanced Physical Enhancement III
[Recipe] Advanced Magic Enhancement III
[Recipe] Advanced Healing Enhancement III
Price reduced from 50 to 25 Moolah

Many other Moolah items including Weapon Schematics, Mantle Schematics, Teleporters, Megaphones, Name Change, Convenience, Costume Seal, Pet packs, Evolution Agents, Auto Pilot packs, One-Piece costumes, Cloaks (old style), and Face Costumes, all reduced by 1 Moolah.

Scrub's Trophy Price Changes
All Scrub's Trophy vendor items prices slashed massively by 90%.

All Scrub's Mighty Trophy vendor item prices slashed by 25-90% depending on level (the higher the level the lower the reduction, but all items below level 85 recieved a 90% reduction in trophies required).

Armor Price Changes
Armor set pricing has been redistributed, so instead of all 5 pieces of the set (head, chest, legs, hands, feet) being the same price, the total price has been rebalanced across the 5 pieces with chest being the most expensive, then legs, then head, then feet and finally hands (similar to what was done for Battlefield armor sets some time ago). This includes sets for sale for Moolah, Trophies etc.

Crimon Snowflower Price Changes
Frozen Nest Epic armor items available for Crimson Snowflowers reduced in price by 50% and prices redistributed depending on the armor piece. Each piece was previously 100 Crimson Snowflower each.
Head 50 Crimson Snowflower
Chest 70 Crimson Snowflower
Legs 60 Crimson Snowflower
Hands 30 Crimson Snowflower
Feet 40 Crimson Snowflower

NEW: Valiant Mantles
Added new Valiant Mantles I-V that give All Defense, Max HP and All Stats to the Mall.


Mantle Reforge
You can now use an actual mantle to reforge a Rage/Devoted/Agile/Valiant V Mantle, for example, the Battlefield and Colosseum mantles, Mantle of Valentines, Defilers Mantles etc.

Some of the heavier (unnecessarily demanding on your graphics card) mantle schematics have been removed from the Shopping Mall. I will be more selective about what I add in the future.

Some older schematics that were removed from the store have returned, including:
Grey Feather Mantle Schematic
Yellow Feather Mantle Schematic
Golden Plume Mantle Schematic
Blue Angel's Mantle Schematic
Pink Angel's Mantle Schematic
Silver Halo Mantle Schematic
Gold Halo Mantle Schematic
Demonic Mantle Schematic
Ember Demon's Mantle Schematic
Demon's Mantle Schematic
Blue Covenant Mantle Schematic
Red Covenant Mantle Schematic
Tron Red Mantle Schematic
Tron Blue Mantle Schematic
Great Red Fairy's Mantle Schematic
Great White Fairy's Mantle Schematic
Great Blue Fairy's Mantle Schematic
Great Purple Fairy's Mantle Schematic
Pink Monarch Mantle Schematic
Blue Monarch Mantle Schematic
Pink Butterfly Mantle Schematic
Black Butterfly Mantle Schematic
Blue Butterfly Mantle Schematic

Adjusted the positioning of the Red Rose Mantle Schematic to be lower and closer to your back.

Corrected the tone and contrast of Angelic Mantle Schematic, Silver Halo Mantle Schematic and Gold Halo Mantle Schematic. They were way too white and bright and lacked details in the feathers.

Several titles obtained from dungeons and world bosses have been modified to remove the obnoxious coloured dust cloud visual effect. There are multiple reasons for removing these but most importantly very similar effects are used for debuffs in dungeons and are obscured by these effects.

Titles obtained from dungeons including Circus, Laioha, Decomus, Von Stein's Mansion, Wonderland, Golden Temple, Temple of Atlantis etc. no longer have a visual effect.

Titles obtained from world bosses including Livid, Cletus, Glaceon, Namazu, Tundro/Sakun etc. had their visual updated to a smaller dust cloud at your feet that also leaves a nice trail when you move around.

I would like to add more titles to the game but going forward they will probably have no visuals. It all gets a bit messy when you have titles, tarots and mantles showing and is a major cause of performance dropouts during dungeons/raids/pvp or when congregating in town.

Corrected an error with mounting when you have an enemy targeted - you will no longer receive the error message about being unable to move to the target's location.

Corrected the Magic Cloud mount icons in the buff area.

The following mounts had their textures modified/cleaned up:
Golden Manta
Blackened Snow Bear
Scorched Griffon
Icey Griffon
Charred Griffon
Snowy Griffon
Blackened Snow Bear
Righteous Mystic Lycan
White Mystic Lycan
Corrupt Mystic Lycan
Pastel Persian

Instant Cast Mount Delay
Reduced the delay when running and mounting with an instant cast mount. Your character will now slide slightly while mounting instead of rubber-banding back. However, those with higher network latency could still experience some rubber banding - nothing much I can do about that.

Instant Cast Mount Cooldown
Instant cast mounts now have a small cooldown of 3s when mounting and dismounting (with the exception of when you get dismounted by incoming damage or a debuff that prevents use of mounts). This is to reduce instant mounts from being spammed for animation canceling/glitch casting. Every time you mount/dismount multiple calls are made between the game client and the server, and more if you have runes equipped in the mount. Spamming mounts like this is detrimental to the operation of the server and game, especially so for players around you that have higher network latency.

Obviously you will still be able to initiate a glitch using an instant mount, but you will no longer be able to redo it in quick succession due to the cooldown.

My stance on animation canceling/glitching? I feel it's very unfair in PvP and other competitive areas of the game, and if I found a way to completely prevent it without ruining the flow of your character's battle animations, or making unreasonable changes to skills, I would probably do so, but currently I do not have a suitable fix for it. However, the cooldown combined with the reduced delay when mounting may actually make it more difficult to use mounts for glitching.

Dismount Improvement
Your mount items in the inventory and the quickbar will now be shaded red while you are under the effect of a dismount debuff (such as the 1s debuff from being dismounted by any kind of incoming damage, the 10s debuff in Catacombs etc.).

Combo System
Added a new setting to the game options to enable/disable the Combo points sytem.

You can now use emotes while sitting, mounted, in combat etc. If the emote has an animation like /dance, /pain, /laugh etc. it will display the text only and not the animation.

Quest Item Acquisition
You are now informed in the chat window when an acquired item is stored in your quest inventory. "[Amazing Thing] x1 acquired to Quest Inventory."

Updated loading images for maps and dungeons.

Card Master
Ability, Flexibility, Saint, Will, Snipe and Mortality Wearing Card II chance to obtain Rare version of the card increased from 20% to 40%.

Ability, Flexibility, Saint, Will, Snipe and Mortality Wearing Card III chance to obtain Rare version of the card increased from 20% to 40%.

Ability, Flexibility, Saint, Will, Snipe and Mortality Wearing Card IV chance to obtain Rare version of the card increased from 20% to 40% and material requirement changed from Rare quality (blue) Wearing Card II to Uncommon quality (green) Wearing Card II.

Ability, Flexibility, Saint, Will, Snipe and Mortality Wearing Card V chance to obtain Rare version of the card increased from 20% to 40%.

Ability, Flexibility, Saint, Will, Snipe and Mortality Wearing Card VI chance to obtain Rare version of the card increased from 20% to 40%.

Ability, Flexibility, Saint, Will, Snipe and Mortality Wearing Card VII chance to obtain Rare version of the card increased from 20% to 40%. Now requires 20 Crystal Jewel and 20 Magic Ink's Essence (was 15 of each).

All Rare quality versions of Ability, Flexibility, Saint, Will, Snipe and Mortality Wearing Card have been updated with increased stats and all Uncommon quality versions now have the stats of the old Rare version.

Correction for level 95-99 item's chance to extract to Major stones - it was only working correctly for some Unique/Epic items. It's now 50/50 to extract Major stones from Uncommon, Rare, Unique and Epic items.

The size of your character is now capped at +/-60%. Using multiple items with -Size or +Size, such as Shink/Expand Cards, foods, player skill buffs/debuffs, transformations etc. will no longer exceed +/-60%. Size items still stack - so if you use two items with -60% Size and one of them runs out, you will remain at -60% size until the other one runs out too.

Reintroduced the networking updates from the last update that improve client to server communications. I reverted the changes suspecting that they were the cause of the battlefield stuck bug but it ended up being something else entirely.

Corrected a bug that caused your character to get stuck at the end of a battlefield due to the AFK Report feature.

Corrected a bug that was causing the client to crash and generate a crash report when exiting the game from the character selection screen.

Corrected a client interface bug that sometimes caused the client to crash after selecting a character to login.

Corrected a client bug that sometimes caused the client to crash when using a teleport scroll/teleporter.

Corrected incorrect/out of sync player idle animations when viewing another player that has their weapon hidden (after pressing the Z key).

Corrected a bug in Vortex, Snow Mountain and Hall of Elements where you could obtain rewards multiple times under certain circumstances.

Corrected a server crashing bug caused by the Guild Finder.
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