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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Tuesday, January 04 2022, 11:29 PM in Updates
Kick Privileges

Elders and Officers can now kick members with a lower rank than themselves from the guild.

The guild member list will now remember where you scrolled down to when it refreshes the list (every 1m and whenever a guild member logs in/out, or moves map or to a dungeon) instead of annoyingly resetting to the beginning of the list.

Golden Temple Cooking Recipes

Increased the drop chance of Cooking recipes in Golden Temple Hard mode.

The auto-attack speed/cooldown of numerous pets have been modified in line with their pet type.

The general rules for deciding attack speed for pets is as follows:
Tank: 1.25~1.3s
Melee/Hybrid: 1.15~1.2s
Ranged (physical and magic): 1.3~1.4s
Assist: 1.45~1.5s

The following pets have been changed:
Winter Sprite: 1.45s (was 1.5s)
Mini Lisk: 1.4s (was 1.5s)
Mini Rhine: 1.4s (was 1.2s)
Pelican Choppa: 1.4s (was 1.2s)
Polluted Neill: 1.2s (was 1.4s)

There are some exceptions to these rules. Pets that have an auto-attack that hits multiple times with each hit (more than twice) or hits multiple targets, or is semi-ranged:

NS Boxxy: 1.5s (no change)
Jack'o'Lantern: 1.3s (was 1.5s)
Baphomet Jr.: 1.3s (was 1.5s)

Numerous fixes to the transformation system to correct issues of players appearing in transformation when they are not, and vice versa, and skill damage not getting applied.

Cancel Button
The Cancel Monster Transformation button on the transformation skill bar can no longer be used to cancel a transformation while you are jumping.

Mount Banned Maps
Fixes to the checks and systems when moving to a map where mounts are banned while mounted. When using a monster transformation you could still see yourself transformed but skills were not working, and you would appear in regular player form to nearby players.

Corrections to bugged monster transformation skills of Whippa, Payaso, Gerry, Thiassi, Radon, Mumu, Livid, Knight, Baphomet Jr., and Gigabit, that were causing you to still appear in transformation form to nearby players after removing the transformation, or appear in player form when you were transformed. Some of these skills now have a casting time, matching the boss monster's skills.

Note: If you still see this issue, players in the wrong form while using transformations, please try to find out which transformation they were using and let me know so it can be checked - but I believe I found and fixed most of the problematic ones.
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