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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Sunday, October 06 2019, 05:51 PM in Updates
The following changes will be patched in later today:

Corrected a bug with the display of gatherable items on the main map (Gatherer's Hat) if you have Windows Display Scaling set to anything other than 100%.

Some gatherable items were not showing on the main map when using the Gatherer's Hat - including Forest Fern, Woodland Mushroom, and Glowing Shroom.

The following changes were already patched in last night and activated at server restart:

Corrected the range of the Templar skill Radiance to 10m.

Fixed an issue with the Vanquisher skill Slaughter - ranks 2 and 3 were not working correctly.
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Ha-ha-ha and i was wondering why do we have two different anniversary items. Thanks!
19 hours ago
@Chair I will see what I can do about the mounts - it's the positioning of the buff visuals right?
22 hours ago
Yeh I just fixed the card drops. It's our 9th anniversary but I activated last years quest too fo
22 hours ago
The server has been restarted to correct the Anniversary Card drops - working now.
22 hours ago