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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Tuesday, March 07 2023, 01:12 AM in Updates
The following updates have been applied:

Multi-Target Heals

Similar to multi-target damage skills, each target that is healed by a multi-target heal is checked separately for a crit, so if you heal 6 targets, some might crit and some might not. Previously, the heal amount on those targets where it did not crit was sometimes being displayed using the font for crits, causing confusion to the healer wondering why the amount was so low. The fact is, it didn't crit on that particular target.

Non-crit heals from multi-target heal skills will now display with the correct non-crit font.

Celestial Blessing

This skill was incorrectly set to trigger the Global Cooldown.

Temple of Atlantis Hell
All Armor Sets

As suggested by several players, the item set bonuses have been moved around so that the 3-part bonus grants primary stats, as it is with other recent armor sets.

3-part > 2-part
4-part > 3-part
2-part > 4-part

The 2-part now gives Attack or Heal and Crit, the 3-part gives primary stat + Stamina, and the 4-part gives Movement Speed + other stat.

4-part Movement Speed +80 increased to +100.

Atlantian Engineer Pants

Attack Speed/MP replaced with Physical Protection/HP.

Atlantian Engineer Gloves
Attack Speed replaced with Physical Defense.

Corrected some of the recently added Mantle models as they were interfering with some armor models causing screen glitches.

Action Text

A message will now be displayed below your character when a skill, food, potion, tarot or transformation buff ends.
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