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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Saturday, January 08 2022, 12:32 AM in Updates
Further changes have been made to fix the transformation bug where a player appears to still be in transformation after it has ended or removed. Hopefully this is fixed now.

You can now see what stat bonuses are provided by monster transformations in the transformation card's tooltip.

Baphomet Jr. skill 1 Scythe Throw (stun) now requires a target be selected, range increased to 3m, and now does damage to the target and those around it in a 3m radius.

Pet Summon
Corrected some issues with pet summon imagery remaining on the screen if you transformed into a monster right after summoning a new pet, or it not appearing at all if you summoned a new pet while transformed.

Stun & Sleep
You can now use a Monster Transformation Card if you get stunned or sleeped while attacking. Previously you could only use one if you were stunned or sleeped while idle or moving which was inconsistent and somewhat confusing. The downside to this change is that you will no longer automatically continue to auto-attack when the sleep/stun ends.

Ending Monster Transformation
You can no longer use the Cancel Monster Transformation button or right-click the monster transformation buff in the buff area while you are still casting a skill.

Healer Glitching

Healer damage skills with a casting time now trigger a 1s cooldown on all damage skills to prevent glitch casting. Heal and buff type skills are not affected.


Since the /stuck command to get your character unstuck from invalid areas of the map now checks if you are really stuck, it is no longer necessary to apply an aftereffect penalty debuff, so it has been removed.

Fortune Word

There is a strange bug that sometimes causes your Fortune Word (above your character/guild name) to be populated with parts of pet names. I believe it only happens when you don't have any word set. I'm not sure exactly what is causing this but I have made a few changes to hopefully prevent it from happening. Let me know if it still happens so I can look at it again.

Numerous client performance improvements.
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