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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Saturday, January 09 2021, 12:00 AM in Updates
The following corrections and changes will be live after the server restart at 00:00.

Dungeon Locks
Corrected a bug with dungeons not locking party members to the dungeon under certain circumstances.

Fixed a bug with pets Natural HP Recovery ticking instantly upon summoning the pet, allowing players to dismiss/summon a pet over and over until it's at maximum HP. Natural HP Recovery will now kick in after 10s of a pet being summoned as originally intended.

Battlefield Points
Updates relating to an issue with massive amounts of Battlefield Points being awarded randomly. I can't say for certain if it's fixed 100%, but changes have been made and additional logging added to pinpoint the bug if it happens again.

Fixed an issue with debuffs caused by totems/circles/trap type skills not having their chance rate checked. It will now be checked correctly. Skills affected by this bug were Corruption Marsh, Adhering Terrain 1/2, Disruption, Deceitful Terrain, Timed Bomb 1/2, Bomb Throw 1/2, Electric Current 1/2, and Thicket.

All other player skills of this type, and all monster skills of this type, have a 100% chance anyway and so were unaffected.

Corrected a bug with Colosseum matching sometimes causing you to enter with no opponent or the incorrect opponent.

Monster Experience and Skill Experience
Corrected an issue with EXP/SXP being gained from monsters of a much higher level than the player.

World map monsters* of -10/+10 level difference to the player will no longer award EXP/SXP. Previously it was monsters upto 5 levels below you, and any level above you.

This means you can gain EXP/SXP from monsters of upto 10 levels below your level, and monsters upto 10 levels above your level.

Monsters 1-5 levels below the player's level award full EXP/SXP.
Monsters 6-10 levels below the player's level award reduced EXP/SXP.
Monsters 1-10 levels above the player's level award full EXP/SXP + 1% bonus per level.

*Dungeon monsters that award EXP/SXP are not affected by this change - they still award EXP/SXP regardless of level differences.

Level Up Rewards
The level 26 level up reward has been changed from Greater Tonic Box to Lesser Tonic Box, and the level 59 reward has been changed from Greater Tonic Box to Regular Tonic Box.
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