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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Tuesday, January 09 2024, 12:02 AM in Updates
There will be a short maintenance at midnight and the following updates will be applied:

The Christmas and New Years event is now finished. The next seasonal event will be Valentines Day in February.

Sealed Items

Sealed items can now be sold to vendors or Extracted without unsealing them first.

Auto Pilot
Hopefully corrected the issue of sometimes getting stuck trying to loot an item with the message "You cannot acquire this item" appearing over and over.

Corrected the kill counter. It was not including deaths of untargeted monsters that died from AoE damage.


Hopefully corrected an issue with Tarot Spreads sometimes being spaced out incorrectly in the Tarot window.

Slight performance improvements to Molten Arena, Hall of Elements, and Catacombs maps.

Updates to the navigation system for many maps to reduce the chance of getting stuck in invalid areas of the map when getting knocked back by a skill.
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The anniversary events are now over - I hope everyone managed to finish the quests and got their pet
3 days ago
Voldy wrote: Sedy, thank you for the update, the reduction in prices for moolah mounts is a good
1 week ago
Sedy, thank you for the update, the reduction in prices for moolah mounts is a good gift !! Are th
1 week ago
The updates and maintenance are now complete. The server is up
1 week ago