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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Thursday, June 10 2021, 11:08 PM in Updates
The server will be down for maintenance and to apply the following updates at 23:00 server time (UTC).

As announced last month, characters below level 75 that have not logged into the game for 5 years or more will be removed to free up server/database resources and make the game run more smoothly, also freeing up a lot of names.

Wood Garden Hell Modes
The Wood Garden dungeon has been updated with 5 new hell difficulty modes.
New quests awarding Moolah to complete each mode can be obtained from Sedy in Terminus.

As with all hell mode dungeons - only the final boss drops items. The armor sets from modes 1-5 can be mixed and still grant the set bonuses. So you could have legs from hell mode 1 and chest from hell mode 2 and still get the 2-part set bonus.

Dungeon Exit Portals
As requested, I have added the following dungeon portals:
An exit portal to Terminus will now open when Queen of Hearts in Wonderland is defeated.
An exit portal to Tainted Fen will now open when Baron Von Stein in Von Stein's Mansion is defeated.
An exit portal to Sandstorm Desert will now open when Mumu in Golden Temple is defeated.
An exit portal to Port Plunder will now open when Avatar of Archane in Dead Man's Peak is defeated.

Magic Tower
Most monsters in Magic Tower that are required by the quests are now spawned by the NPC when you take the quest and will despawn when the quest timer runs out - even if in combat. This means you can no longer accidentally kill monsters required by the quests before taking the quest, or after the quest timer runs out - resulting in a dungeon you can no longer progress through.

The other monsters that are already spawned when you enter a new floor will now respawn after several minutes, opening additional strategies for completing floors.

For example. 1st Floor's Cannons will already be spawned when you enter, but the Fuego, which is the requirement for the quest, will be spawned when you actually take the quest. This means you could go ahead and defeat the Cannons before taking the quest - so when the quest starts you only need to deal with the Fuego - but be careful as the Cannons will respawn eventually.

The 5th Floor's Bewildered Golems will already be spawned when you enter the floor. There are 6 in total but the quest only requires you to defeat 3 of them. You could decide to get rid of a few before you take the quest to make things easier. Don't worry if you accidentally defeat too many and don't leave enough to complete the quest, because they will eventually respawn.

Magic Tower Quests
All Magic Tower quest timers have been increased slightly from 4m40s to 5m.

Vortex, Hall of Elements, Snow Mountain
Corrected a bug where you would sometimes get less rewards than what was stated in the Reward window.

Snow Mountain
Reduced the amount of Dwarves in each stage to help speed this dungeon up a little, as it was rather time consuming compared to Vortex and Hall of Elements.

The daily [Challenge] Dwarf Buster quest duty has been modified to require defeating 5 Miners, 3 Elite Cruel Axeman, and 1 Dwarven Boss Brigadier. These monsters will always appear whereas the previous ones only appeared by chance, meaning you couldn't always complete the quest.

Dungeon Monster and Boss Damage
Skills that do damage in a radius "around the monster" without any warning, like spin attacks etc., have had their damage reduced. This does not include skills that do damage to a target (ie. the tank) and those around it, like cleave attacks.

Circus (all modes)
Pome, Roszak, Payaso, Brown Circus Bear, Touter Jackie.

Laioha (all modes)
Octopus, Special, Primitive Crura.

Decomus (all modes)
Humbaba, Sharlach, Zaras, Frecky, Gigantes, Mass-Produced Tank, Royal Knight, Royal Bodyguard, and Mid-Sized Tank, Head of Spearmen and Chief Priest Kubera.

Wood Garden (all modes)
Tratequ, Wood Tribe Spearman, Wood Tribe Fighter, Brainwashed Fighter.

Temple of Atlantis (all modes)
Red Sea Wolf, Bewildered Golem, Puffer Fish, Nielium.

Von Stein's Mansion (all modes)

These changes should help close combat classes considerably, especially in hell mode dungeons* - but pay attention to where you position yourself as many monsters have cleaves that do damage to their target and those near it - so never stand with the tank - stand behind the monster whenever possible.

*The damage has been reduced quite considerably for some of these skills and hell mode monsters should not be able to one-shot melee characters providing they have a decent amount of defense, protection, and HP.

Colosseum will now additionally start at 11:20 and 17:20 every day instead of Deathmatch.

Master's Hall Reputation
The Master's Hall reputation gained from participating in Colosseum matches is now based on your character's level.
Losing awards 50% of your level. So at level 100, losing now awards 50 reputation (previously 35).
Winning awards 200% of your level. So at level 100, winning now awards 200 reputation (previously 150).

The consolation rep awarded when you queue for a match that does not start due to lack of players, or an uneven amount of players, or when your opponent quits or disconnects during the ready countdown, is now 25% of your level. So at level 100, it is 25 reputation (previously 20).

Athanor Reputation
The Athanor reputation gained from participating in Battlefields is now based on your character's level.
Losing awards 10% of your level. So at level 100, losing now awards 10 reputation (the same as previously).
Winning awards 50% of your level. So at level 100, winning now awards 50 reputation (previously 40).

The consolation rep awarded when you queue for a battlefield that does not start or you are not picked for one of the teams, or when a team member leaves during the ready countdown, or disconnects while moving to the battlefield map, is now 5% of your level. So at level 100, it is 5 reputation (the same as previously).

Team Creation
The recently added Red/Blue Guild feature has negatively affected the amount of Battlefields that successfully start, usually due to lack of Red Guild members. I have attempted to remedy this by changing some guilds from Blue to Red, but it's going to be an ongoing thing as the player population rises and falls - so the server will now attempt to form teams of mixed Red and Blue Guild members if it cannot successfully form teams with equal amounts of Red vs Blue Guild members. An equal Red vs Blue team composition will always be prioritised even if it means rejecting numerous players.

2 Red and 2 Blue players signup. The teams will be 2 Red vs 2 Blue as it is currently.

2 Red and 4 Blue players signup. The teams will be 2 Red vs 2 Blue and the remaining 2 Blue players will be rejected - as it is currently.

1 Red and 3 Blue players signup. It's not possible to create equal Red/Blue teams so it will be 1 Red and 1 Blue vs 2 Blue.

4 Blue players signup. Again, it's not possible to create equal Red/Blue teams so it will be 2 Blue playing as blue team vs 2 Blue playing as red team.

Just a reminder. The Guild Leader can change their Guild Alignment (Red/Blue) by opening the Guild interface and selecting the Guild Management tab where they will find the Align button. Clicking it will switch you from Red to Blue, or Blue to Red after confirmation. This is not available to Guilds that are in a Union with another Guild - the Union would need to be disbanded first. This is only available one time - so be sure you want to switch your guild before using it.

Guild Attendance (already patched in a previous update)
I realise the Guild Attendance is pretty useless at higher guild levels with the pitiful amount of experience it awards, and I will be looking at that, but for now, checking in now also awards 1 Guild Contribution Point.

Guild Contribution
Monsters that award Fame (dungeon and world bosses) now also award Guild Contribution, for each player in the party that defeated them.

The idea with Guild Contribution is that it shows how active a guild and it's members are. It's only real purpose aside from showing the Guild Leader how active each of it's members are, is to show other players that are looking for a guild, either by checking the Guild Rankings or checking the Guild Finder, how active each guild is before applying to join. So having contribution coming mainly from guild quests wasn't that representative of the guild's activity.

Guild Quests
As requested, the Daily Guild Quest will now appear at the top of NPC Chester's list of quests.

Guild Alignment
Corrected an issue when changing your guild's alignment (Red or Blue) in the guild management tab. It was changing the guild's alignment on the main world server but not dungeons or battlefields which was causing issues when creating battlefield teams until the server restarted at midnight.

Skill Cooldown Bug Fix
Pet skill cooldowns are now correctly remembered when a pet is dismissed and resummoned, and when switching between pets.

Pet Positioning
Fixed a bug with the positioning of pets with ranged skills. Ranged pets were not always using their full range when sent to attack a target that wasn't already in range (ie, they would run toward the target and then suddenly teleport back again before attacking). Even though it looked like they were now at their correct range in the game client - they were actually still within melee range of the target as far as the server was concerned.

Skill Selection
Pets with the Heal Blessing skill will now check if their master's HP actually needs replenishing before using it.

Pets with the Magic Blessing skill will now check if their master's MP actually needs replenishing before using it.

Map Movement
Pets are no longer dismissed when moving to a dungeon or battlefield. (already patched in a previous update).

Corrected a visual glitch with the chat box when Whisper mode was being used and you moved map - the text entry for the message would display beneath the player's name instead of next to it.

Inventory (already patched in a previous update)
The Bag Tidy feature has been disabled temporarily until I figure out if it's the cause of some inventory issues lately. Hopefully other changes in this update will fix the issue, but I want to keep it disabled until I know for sure.

Shopping Mall (already patched in a previous update)
As requested, I have added a confirmation message when you purchase an item from the Shopping Mall.

Vortex, Snow Mountain, Hall of Elements Interface Bug Fix
Corrected a bug with the Reward window stalking you until you fully close the client and open it again if all party members die (or you die if solo) and don't respawn before the timer runs out - causing the dungeon to end and show the Results window but then show an unusable Reward window when you move back to Terminus.

Epic Item Announcements
Quest related items obtained from opening boxes are no longer announced.

Monster Transformation Tooltips
As requested, Monster Transformation skill tooltips have been improved to show more information than before where you just had the name, cooldown, cost and a description.

Tooltips now show much more information about the skill including the attribute type (Physical or Magic), the cooldown with countdown timer like player skills, range, how many targets it hits or affects, area of effect information, and full buff/debuff information, duration, efficiency and chance.

Typhoonus Transformation
Corrected an issue with the Twister skill that was preventing you from attacking or using the other skills until after you moved.

As requested, it is now possible to exchange Silver Medal, Gold Medal, Mighty Trophy and Shining Trophy in bulk instead of having to do it one at a time.

Terrio's Exchange Store has been removed. To exchange Silver Medal, Gold Medal, Mighty Trophy and Shining Trophy, open his regular Store and choose the Medals tab, where you will be able to select the amount of trophies or medals you want instead of doing it one by one as before.

The cost remains the same:
Silver Medal costs 1x Gold Medal.
Gold Medal costs 1x General Badge.
Mighty Trophy costs x5 Scrub's Trophy.
Shining Trophy costs x10 Mighty Trophy.

Rose Heart Legendary Bracelet
As pointed out to me by several players, the bonus effect of this bracelet was not so helpful considering negative Threat is capped at -100% since the medal itself already gives -60% permanent Threat.
The bonus effect has changed from -100% Threat to +100% Boss Bonus Damage for 10s. Note: Black Heart Amulet's Boss/Elite Damage effect (efficiency 10) will overwrite the Rose Heart effect (efficiency 9), but not vice-versa.

Cooking Food: Bill's Eggs
Corrected an issue with this Tasty type food being overwritten by Satisfying type foods and vice-versa.

Guild Emblems
You will now be notified that you cannot use Guild Emblems if your guild is already at max level instead of the generic unable to use item message.

Sell Pricing
Increased the amount of gold certain items sell for, including:
Monster Transformation Cards
Assistant Skill Recipes
Assistant Skill materials (ingredient items)
Assistant Skill produced foods, potions and cards
Wearing Cards
Equipment Cards
Tarot Cards and Spreads
Enhancement Cards
Element Stones
Weapon Schematics

Monster Kills
Corrected some issues with party members being unable to loot monster drops and quest duties not getting updated when a monster dies under certain circumstances including when the player that hit the monster first disconnected from the game or logged out, or was moving between a dungeon and regular world map right at the time of the monster dieing.

There has been an issue with players sometimes disconnecting shortly after logging in. This usually affects new players, or those that haven't logged in for some time and was caused by the guild system sending them all the guild logos in the background. Usually this is only done when a guilded player comes into range, but I was loading them all at once for the guild rankings and guild finder listings. This has now been corrected.

Battlefield Loading Crashes
Corrected an issue with the game crashing if you had the Shopping Mall open while moving to a battlefield map.

Assistant Skill Recipes
Issues with learned assistant skill recipes going missing and recipes sometimes being on cooldown, even when they don't have a cooldown, should now be fixed - but I can't be certain, so let me know if it's still a thing.

Inventory Issues
Please be aware there is currently a random bug when trading items between players. The trade usually looks successful, ie, you see the item that was traded in your inventory and can move it around - but if you try to merge it with another stack of the same item, or unseal it, extract it, try to move it to your warehouse, or otherwise use it in some way, it will either disconnect you from the game or bug you in some form until you relog your character - at which point it will likely have disappeared from your inventory and end up back in the original player's inventory. If they have moved another item into the slot where it was originally it will not show until they also relog and it, or the item now in it's slot will be automatically moved to their giftbox.

It seems as though the trade was rolled back - but in actual fact, the item was never moved from the other player in the first place as far as the game's database is concerned - but the server and your game client believe the trade was successful. It's only when you try to modify the item in some way that things get messed up due to it still being marked as belonging to the original player.

I have added some additional checks and logging, and the game will disconnect both players if it detects this issue - so that both player's inventories get reloaded when they both log back in. This is obviously not ideal - but it does prevent further issues being caused by the bugged item(s).

I am trying to find the cause and fix this - but in the meantime, if you disconnect during a trade and find the item missing when you log back in, speak with the player you traded and ask them to check their inventory and giftbox for the item.
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