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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Monday, July 10 2023, 10:40 PM in Updates
The following updates will take effect after the restart at 00:00 tonight.

Tarot Spreads

Many Tarot Spreads have been simplified to make it easier to obtain certain buffs. Previously, these spreads had so many buff variations it was difficult or even impossible to obtain some of them.

Common Effects
To reduce the amount of possible tarot buffs, spread common effects have been changed from one of Max HP, Max MP, All Defense or All Attack to just one depending on the spread.

Silver/Gold Guard Spread All Defense
Silver/Gold Fierce Fight Spread All Attack
Silver/Gold Vitality Spread Max HP
Silver/Gold Combine Spread Max MP
Silver/Gold Control Spread Max HP
Silver/Gold Support Spread Max MP
Silver/Gold White Courage Spread All Attack & General Monster Bonus Damage
Silver/Gold Blue Courage Spread All Attack & Veteran Bonus Damage
Silver/Gold Yellow Courage Spread All Attack & Elite Bonus Damage
Silver/Gold Red Courage Spread All Attack & Boss Bonus Damage

Spread Exclusive Effects
Spread exclusive effects remain exactly as they were before.

Amanita's Nest

Corrected the drop chance of the Mushroom Spore collection piece for the Legendary Earrings in modes 75, 85, and 95.
Amanita will now always drop either the Mushroom Spore OR Amanita Transformation Card. So it's a 50% chance of getting a Mushroom Spore. This chance cannot be increased with Luck.

Debuff Icons

The icons for Damage Reflect debuffs have been changed in line with other debuff icons.

It will now be shaded Red if it's a Physical type debuff, Blue if it's Magic, Green if it's Poison, or Black & White if it's efficiency is above 14 and therefore cannot be removed.

The icon will now display the text Phy, Mag, or All, depending if the reflect is Physical Reflect, Magic Reflect or All Reflect.

Corrected the tooltip for the Turbulence Site buff of Guard Spreads. It gives Stamina, not HP.

Corrected a random client crashing bug that would sometimes happen while loading map terrain when moving to a new map.
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