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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Tuesday, July 14 2020, 09:11 AM in Updates
The following updates and fixes will be applied at server reset tonight at 00:00.

Error 5
Corrected a client bug (Error message 5 when you press the Play button on the launcher) that was preventing it from opening on Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows Vista.

Corrected a client crashing bug when the guild list could not obtain a guild member's class type from the server.

Target of Target Window
The Target of Target window will no longer be displayed if your target has an NPC targeted.

Mantle Exchange
Corrected an issue preventing upgrade of the new Valiant mantles at the vendor.

Corrected the stats on the following costume accessories (old versions from boxes):
Hospital Supplies
Mermaid Fins
Mermaid Ears
A Single Rose
Present Bag
They now have the correct Attack Speed and Cast stats as before, not All Attack and All Defense.

Revenge List (Friends > Revenge)
Revenge list entries are now removed when you get revenge on the player by defeating them in a PK map.
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