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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Thursday, July 18 2019, 12:42 AM in Updates
The server has been updated and a small client patch is ready for you when you run your launcher.

There were some issues with the changes to battlefield and colosseum team creation in Monday's update, where in some situations you could still find yourself in a battlefield with uneven teams, or a Colosseum without an opponent.

The code has been completely reworked today and tested with multiple different characters of different levels and it looks to be ok now - I was unable to find a situation where I ended up with uneven teams or no opponent, except for when I forcibly quit the game client from the Task Manager during the battlefield loading screen, simulating a client crash. There is no way of getting round this though - if somebody crashes after the teams have been setup and you are moving to the battlefield there isn't any way to prevent an uneven team, or Colosseum with no opponent.

Corrected the tooltip of the Fate as it was incorrectly showing a radius of 10m. It's a single target skill with a range of 10m.

Removed the Movement Speed reduction from the Fate and Destiny skill debuffs as they also have Stun - no point reducing movement speed if you can't move anyway.

Corrected an issue that was preventing the guild notice/news from saving if it was over 100 characters long.

Corrected the guild notice not displaying correctly if it was below a certain amount of characters.

Corrected missing guild applications of characters without a Hero Rating (ie, new characters that had not relogged since creating their character). (already patched yesterday).

Corrected Duel Requests initiating a Trade Reqest instead of a Duel (already patched yesterday).

Corrected the issue of not being able to remove the shield from the gate at the end of Laioha (already patched yesterday).

Added missing icons for some daily quest reward buffs.
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