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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Saturday, December 17 2022, 11:45 PM in Updates
The following updates will be applied during the server restart at 00:00.

Lost Levels
Corrected an issue with pets sometimes losing recent levelups after moving map.
The changes relating to pets over leveling their owners in yesterday's update have been reverted and put on hold until it can be tested more thoroughly.

Added an informational error message if you try to reforge your armor with an armor that can be used to enhance any type of armor (cloth, mail or plate) that has already been reforged with something that DOES NOT have a model for all three types of armor.

Armor that state "Can be used to reforge Plate, Mail & Cloth" in their tooltip will not work as a schematic if you reforge them with another armor that only has models for Plate & Mail, or Plate & Cloth etc. They will work if you reforge them with another armor with "Can be used to reforge Plate, Mail & Coth" in their tooltip.

Before this change, it would allow you to continue to the reforge but it would use the model from the original item, not what it was reforged with. Now it will give an error asking you to remove the reforge from the schematic first.
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