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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Tuesday, November 19 2019, 11:39 PM in Updates
Please run your launcher for a few small fixes:

Corrected the level up reward window sometimes being blank when you leveled up from handing in a quest. The rewards were still sent to the giftbox but the help text was not shown.

Removed the incorrect login message about joining a guild when you were already in one.
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That error can happen if it can't save the downloaded patch files due to permissions issues or if it
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HiSedy wrote: You need to run IrisLauncher to start the game, not IrisPatcher Hi, when i open
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magic resistance skill is useless for sniper. it could be useful if it was changes to physical evas
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Sedy wrote: Sure leave it with me, I will look into it. GM any update?on the drop rate ? thank
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