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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Friday, December 18 2020, 11:10 PM in Updates
The following corrections will be applied:

Corrected the material requirements for [Pattern] Collar of Substance VI from Blessed Card VI x2 to Blessed Card VI x1 and Holy Card VI x1.

Lucky Legendary: Golden Shard
Corrected the name of the new Lucky Legendary: Golden Shard box - it was incorrectly set to Lucky Legendary: Glowing Golden Shard.

Corrected missing model and texture for the frozen lake area of Altus Gorge.

Night Time Buffs
Corrected the Night Time Buff system. Players will no longer be able to abuse it by regrouping into multiple smaller parties in order to obtain the 2 player buffs of 40%.

Dungeon Entry
Corrected some of the system messages when there is a problem entering a dungeon. Some were incorrect or misleading.

Hell Modes: Vindictive Monsters
Corrected a bug with monsters with the Vindictive hell mode buff. These monsters heal surrounding monsters when they die but were instead causing damage to bosses due to their high Max HP bugging the formula used to calculate how much they are healed.

Monster Heals
Corrected an issue with monsters that have Heal skills that are supposed to heal the nearby monster with the lowest HP.

Monster Actions
Corrected an issue with very high Max HP monsters that are supposed to perform an action when their HP is at a specific percentage - ie, run away when at 50%, or use Skill A when at 80%.

Players that requested a job change without resetting their skills in order to keep skills from the previous class will find those skills are no longer available.
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