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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Thursday, July 20 2023, 09:41 PM in Updates
The following corrections will be applied during the server restart tonight at 00:00.
Please run your launcher for client updates.

Garden of Baphomet & Amanita's Nest

These dungeons have been modified to ensure all party members are inside the dungeon and not still loading into the map before the party leader can start the dungeon. If a party member is outside the dungeon and you wish to start without them, you will need to kick them from the party first.


Corrected the 5% chance of obtaining 2 additionalElixirs/Injectors from the following recipes:
[Recipe] Elixir of Courage IV
[Recipe] Elixir of Blessings IV
[Recipe] Elixir of Protection IV
[Recipe] Injector of Muscle Movement IV
[Recipe] Injector of Spirit IV
[Recipe] Elixir of Courage V
[Recipe] Elixir of Blessings V
[Recipe] Elixir of Protection V
[Recipe] Injector of Muscle Movement V
[Recipe] Injector of Spirit V

Corrected the 1% chance of receiving an All Defense card from the following recipes:
[Recipe] Defense Card V (B)
[Recipe] Magic Defense Card V (B)


As requested, the Title shortcut button (from the Community section of the skill interface) will now also close the Titles window if it's open.

Corrected the ranges of some tarot spreads that were giving the same buffs too frequently - preventing getting anything else. This mostly affected Gold Guard, Gold Fierce Fight, Golden Vitality, and Golden Combine Spreads.
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Hi Sedy, It did not reset QQ. Anyway, maybe tomorrow after reset. Thank you and Best Regard
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Hi Raven, There is no option to change a guild's name currently, no. Sorry.
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Hi Sedy, Kindly reset the guild skill points Guildname: PVE IGN of Guildmaster: curly
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