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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Wednesday, January 23 2019, 04:44 PM in Updates
There will be a short maintenance at 00:00 tonight (approx. 5 mins) to apply fixes.

The /unstuck command will be re-enabled in battlefields but will no longer work if you are carrying a flag.

Corrected the chance effects of Decomus Hell weapons - some were incorrect (like Physical Attack instead of Magic Attack on the staff etc.).

Now tradable:
S Ability Wearing Card I
S Flexibility Wearing Card I
S Saint Wearing Card I
S Will Wearing Card I
S Snipe Wearing Card I
S Mortality Wearing Card I

S Ability Wearing Card II
S Flexibility Wearing Card II
S Saint Wearing Card II
S Will Wearing Card II
S Snipe Wearing Card II
S Mortality Wearing Card II

S Life Card I (AB)
S Mana Card I (AB)
S Life Card II (AB)
S Mana Card II (AB)
S Life Card III (AB)
S Mana Card III (AB)

Now sealable:
Enhanced Crystalisk's Nail
Enhanced Crystalisk's Fang
Enhanced Crystalisk's Claws
Enhanced Crystalisk's Spikers
Enhanced Crystalisk's Breath
Enhanced Crystalisks's Spine
Enhanced Crystalisk's Tail
Enhanced Crystalisk's Scale

nsDB has been updated with all recently added items and monsters.
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Backtrack this is very useful skill) Some people hide flags in the portal on bf and this skill can
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Thank you for your assistance, and even more so for your patience.
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I have removed the costume and sent 250 Scrub's Tears to your giftbox.
17 hours ago
i appreciate your response, and I apologize for my premature assumptions. It happened just as i was
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