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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Saturday, February 24 2018, 11:31 PM in Updates
A client patch will be available tonight to fix the following issues:

Client Resolution/Scaling Issues
There is an issue with the new scaling system that was added to the client in the last update. Some players are experiencing issues opening the client with a "Graphics Failed!!" error box.

I won't go into detail because it's boring, but I need to rethink some of the methods I used when choosing a window size, but for now I have put in some temporary fixes to get you ingame again. The client will now attempt to reset the window to the default size of 1024x768, and then it will try full screen and finally if all else fails, it will disable scaling completely. If this happens and you have a particularly high resolution - the UI and text will probably be too small, but bare with me and I will get it all fixed up in the next few days.

Fixed rank requirements for learning the Magician skill Electric Current 2.
Fixed the Stun component of the Sorcerer's Eye of the Storm.

Fixed the Master loot menu. Texture was off.

Updated the new mantle visuals so they don't glitch with some armors.

Fixed [Daily] Training Scarecrow - you can now hand this quest in when completed.

Card Slot Creation
These are working, but the tooltip is not displaying the extra slot background. Just pretend it's there and drag your card onto where the extra slot should be and it will work. I will fix tomorrow.

Fixed the new Wild Mane Horse mounts not jumping.

Premium Consumables
Premium consumables, like those you purchase from the store for Moolah (Lucky Loot Charm, Blessed Potions etc.) now display their time remaining (2h 35m etc.) in the tooltip instead of the actual date/time (Feb 24, 16:50) of expiry. They were previously showing the incorrect expiry based on your local system time instead of the server time.
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