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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Sunday, April 26 2020, 10:46 PM in Updates
There will be a server maintenance at 00:00 server time tonight. It shouldn't last longer than 30 minutes, so expect the game to be available again at around 00:30.

The extended Easter event is now finished.

All dungeons now reset at midnight when the server restarts.

Snow Mountain
Corrected an issue with stage 15 of Snow Mountain Normal/Hard sometimes being unbeatable due to incorrect monsters or missing monsters.

Reputation Requirement Change
Level 100 Battlefield Chest and Leg armor pieces now require Friendly with League of Athanor, not Honored.

Changed to Tradable
Rudolph Transformation Card
Clever Rudolph Transformation Card
Milk Chocolate
Chocolate Strawberry
Chocolate Truffles
Threat Reset Potion
Dispel All Potion

Price Reduction
All Potion I on vendor.

Sell Price Updates
All potions and foods now sell for more gold.
Event foods and blesses can now be sold to vendors.

Transformation Cards
Curt Cactus skill 3 tooltip updated.
White Antie skill 2 tooltip updated.

Carrot Kart no longer has running/footstep sounds.

Garden of Baphomet quests had their level requirements changed. The 2nd quest now requires level 75, and the 3rd quest and daily quest now require level 85.

Snow Mountain, Hall of Elements and Vortex rankings now include all modes of these dungeons, not just Hard Mode.

Adjusted the default object view distance, optimized textures, and reduced/removed some unnecessary objects from the Terminus map to improve performance and reduce RAM/VRAM requirements.
As well as improving performance this should also fix/reduce a client crash some players with integrated graphics were experiencing when loading Terminus due to low memory.

Penetrating Edge 3 replaced with Tempest Slash 3.
Debuff and self invoked effect remains the same (Boss Damage to self, Silence to target).
Range of skill up from 1.5m to 8m.
Strikes of skill down from 2 to 1.
Now depends on learning all ranks of Tempest Slash 2 and Tyrant Strike 2 instead of all ranks of Penetrating Edge 2 and Tyrant Strike 2.

This skill was changed mostly due to it being confusing - since the Barbarian's Penetrating Edge 2 was a completely different skill with an invoked effect of Armor Penetration, as per the skill name. I believe there was a mixup when creating the 3rd jobs and it should always have been Tempest Slash 3 to match with the Soul Blader's skill of the same name and effect of Silence.

Networking updates to improve network packet efficiency and general server to client communications performance.

Server rules relating to behaviour/conduct, cheating, and Battlefields/Colosseum/World PK have been updated - please ensure you read them and follow them.
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