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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Tuesday, February 27 2018, 11:02 PM in Updates
A client patch has been pushed to fix a small bug and add a new game setting:

Experimental feature: Object Range
Added a new game setting called Object Range. This works the same as Dynamic Range, but for static objects like trees, rocks, plants, and other stationary objects. Lowering it will reduce the amount of distant static objects that are displayed on your screen - less objects to draw means higher frame rates (FPS) and can be useful for those of you with less powerful graphics cards when in built up areas like Terminus.

I see on average +20 FPS in Terminus when it's set to low which is quite a lot considering most objects in Terminus are buildings that cannot be hidden with this setting due to how I designed the map, but other maps see a more considerable increase in FPS due to more objects that can be hidden.

I would only change the setting if you suffer from really low FPS (below 30). Lowering the view distance of objects can ruin the feel of the map.

Fixed (hopefully!) a bug with missing ears. The game removes ears when you wear certain helms or costume hats otherwise they would appear to be sticking through the hat - but in some cases when you had hidden your costume hat in the game settings they were still being hidden.
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Please recheck your accounts now - should be good to login.
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Oh my it works perfectly now. Thank you so much Sedy for the help. Have a nice day
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