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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Saturday, April 27 2019, 12:55 AM in Updates
The server has been patched to fix a couple of issues:

Adjustments made to circle phases that begin at 30% health, making it a bit easier to move him providing players position themselves correctly. Okeanos will now use 1 instead of 3 of his ranged abilities while in this mode so he won't just stand still and rotate through his ranged abilities due to the cooldown of that one ability he has available.

The Stun and timed DoT area of effect skill (the one that target's you with the red circle that tracks your position) has been reworked as it was causing crashes/disconnects. The skill is now single target with no warning and it's direct damage has been reduced accordingly.

The Thunder Chunder skill no longer has a casting time making it instant with no warning as it was also causing disconnects.

Several Cletus skills now target an area instead of tracking a player and causing damage around them.

Catacomb's Steel plate armor pieces now have All Attack, All Crit and All Hit instead of Physical only.

Catacomb's Steel, Iron and Plate armor stats corrected - some of them were showing Agility instead of Strength or Stamina.

Corrected the missing Doombringer icon for Sorcerer's Explosive Blast 3.
Corrected the missing Static Overload icon for Wizard's Electric Chains 2.

Corrected debuff icon colours for several Catacomb's monster skills.

That is all I can patch in at the moment. I can't patch in any bug fixes or changes to the client exe as it depends on other stuff I have not finished working on yet - so any other bug fixes or changes that require a client update will need to wait until after Easter.
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