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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Friday, February 09 2024, 09:19 PM in Updates
The server will be down at 22:00 for approx. 30 minutes for maintenance and to apply the following updates:

It's almost Valentines Day and Alfredo is back in town. Speak to Alfredo in Terminus for quests and his Valentines store.

Help Alfredo stock his shop with Jewelry Boxes, Heart Shaped Pendants and Chocolate Gift Boxes by collecting materials and ingredients from monsters around Arcana and he will reward you with Love Tokens that you can spend in his store.

You can buy 7-Day Romanchi outfits and hats, 7-Day costume accessories, several different titles, a cooking recipe and Chocolate Gift Boxes containing various different chocolates that heal you or grant bonuses to stats like Movement Speed, Attack and Defense, and Recovery.

You can also buy the fancy Be My Valentine? mantle if you collect enough tokens!


Cupid Battle Pet
The Valentines exclusive pet, Cupid, is now available to buy from the Shopping Mall.


Cupid is a ranged Magic Support/Assist type pet with an Auto Attack that has a chance to debuff it's target with Cupid's Curse. All damage done to the target while Cupid's Curse is active will heal for 5% of the damage done, or if the target has some Reflect Damage active, it will reduce it by 5%.

Valentines Themed Items
Valentines related costumes, accessories, mantle schematics and mount can all be found on the Shopping Mall with a 10% discount.

Valentine's Dungeon Boss
Alfredo has a quest to defeat the robot boss, Valentino. Players of level 30 and above can team up together and speak to Alfredo to enter the dungeon and defeat Valentino.


Valentino doesn't care about your level or how strong your gear is. Everyone, including pets, does the same damage and takes damage according to their level and gear.

The dungeon can be entered once per day.


Restorer's, Destroyer's and Defender's Cloaks had their texture quality improved.

Moolah quality Restorer's, Destroyer's and Defender's Cloaks now have an additional (3rd) card slot.

Added Epic quality version of Defender's Cloaks to the Trophy Vendor for 1,999 Shining Trophies. These are the same as the Moolah quality version but with 2 slots.

Destroyer's Cloak Stat Change
Before: 10% Movement Speed, 10% Attack Speed, -10% Casting Speed, 5% All Stats, 10% All Attack.
Now: 10% Movement Speed, 10% Attack Speed, 10% Boss Damage, 5% All Stats, 10% All Attack.

Warmongerer's Cloak Stat Change
Before: 10% Movement Speed, -11% Casting Speed, 5% All Stats, 20% PvP Damage.
Now: 10% Movement Speed, -11% Casting Speed, 7% All Protection, 5% All Stats, 10% Healing.

Skill Cooldowns

Corrected a bug with pet skills sometimes being used when they should be on cooldown.

Fixed an issue with pet movement/positioning when attacking moving targets, like players in PvP and monsters that run away like the Treasure Bandits. If you had the pet Auto Fight option toggled on in the pet bar the pet would sometimes teleport to random areas each time your hero attacked the target.

Ranged Skill Projectile Speed
The speed of projectiles of the following pets/monsters were set too slow and have been increased:
Bomber Croc
Palm Seedling
Sahar Scout
Small / Sand Worm-Worm
Sprite (all variants)
Strawberry Mutation


Fixed an issue with monsters sometimes just standing idle instead of using their skills, and then sometimes also randomly teleporting to different positions, Namazu for example.

Tarot Stall

Applied the same fixes to the Tarot Stall window as was done for the regular Tarot Fortune window to fix spreads sometimes being spaced out incorrectly.

Hero Window
Melee Reach and Range stats in the Additional Stats tab now also show any Reach%/Range% you have. Before it was only showing additional Range/Reach calculated from the Range+ and Reach+ stats.

Note: Since Range%/Reach% increases the range of your skills by a percentage of their actual range, the Hero Window cannot calculate the bonus in meters as no skill is selected so it doesn't have that information.
Range+/Reach+ stats convert to meters at a simple 100 to 1. So 100 Range+ is 1m.
Range%/Reach% stats increase the range of your skills by a percentage, so having 10% Range will increase a skill with a 10m range by 1m.

Magic Tower

The quest reward for completing the 10th floor in Magic Tower Hard Mode now rewards 8 Magic Tower Tokens, up from 6.

Spawn Locations

Corrected invalid spawn locations for many gatherables including herbs, ores, quest gatherables and treasure chests.

Herbs and ores will now spawn in a slightly different location every time they respawn.

FRIENDLY TIP: Please read the server rules regarding the use of 3rd party software to automate control of the game. It's NOT allowed!

Client Crash

Corrected a possible client crash when checking blacklists when attempting to trade another player.
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