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Temple of Atlantis

Was it centuries or millennia ago that the Temple was built by the old Atlanteans? Noone knows. Yet now the Temple of Atlantis has been uncovered by the brave adventurers of Noscrubs, venturing forth to new lands and discoveries!
But... Even though the extraordinary edifice and it's grounds rise before everyone's eyes... it's secrets still remain unseen.

Why was the magnificent structure built, and what brought forth it's destruction? What terrors lurk inside, hungrily awaiting for more unaware travellers to fill their stomachs?
Will the eradication of the creatures residing inside while looking for treasure awaken the great Water-lord and patron of the old Atlantis, Nereus?

To the brave adventurer... beware, or your next step inside the Temple's depths might be your last.
Dungeon Map
  • Dog Tooth - A ferocious bite causing you to bleed out for a period of time.
  • Wolf Howling - Terrible howl reducing Physical and Magical Hit.
  • Stepping - Root and All Defense reduction.





  • Destroying Armor - Smashes your amor reducing it's effectiveness.
  • Earthquake - Stomps the ground causing a quake and reducing healing affects.





  • Destroying Weapon - Mangles your weapon reducing it's effectiveness.
  • Storm Blade - Spins rapidly stunning anyone in range for a period of time.
  • Shield Shock - Reduces long range and magical attacks.


  • Biting - Vicious bite causing you to bleed over time.
  • Cutting Armor - Pincer attack reducing your Physical Protection value.
  • Seperating Drops - Skill paralysis and speed and attack speed reduction.
  • Shooting Feather - Shoots a sharpened wing feather causing you to bleed out for a period of time.
Entrance location can be found at:
Karen in Terminus  65,278


Difficulty/entry levels
Easy: 65+
Hard: 85+


Active Game Buffs

100% EXP Increase
Valid until:25-06-2018 00:00
100% SXP Increase
Valid until:25-06-2018 00:00

Upcoming Game Buffs

Next Events

Crown Holders

Server Rates

Experience x15
Skill Experience x15
Quest Experience x15-25
Quest Skill Experience x15-25
Drops x15
Gold x8
Quest Gold x15-25

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