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Sedy Admin Sedy
posted on Tuesday, February 20 2024, 09:45 PM in Updates
It's the 13th anniversary of Iris Online at NoScrubs! Anniversary events and quests will be available from 21st-27th February.


Donations made by most payment methods are reduced by a huge 50%.

Some payment methods including mobile phone and pre-paid payment cards will instead give 50% bonus Moolah as the payment provider fixes the amounts.

New Mantle Schematics
Gilded Gossamer Mantle Schematic


Infernal Gossamer Mantle Schematic


Cardinal Gossamer Mantle Schematic


Moolah Mounts

Moolah mounts reduced from 259 to 159 (139 for seasonal specials).

Scrub's Tear Mounts
Tear mounts reduced from 999 to 699 (619 for seasonal specials).

Benefactors Moolah Accessories
Rings reduced from 175 to 129.
Necklaces reduced from 175 to 119.
Bracelets reduced from 175 to 139.
Earrings and Medals reduced from 175 to 139.

Benefactors Moolah Weapons
Benefactors Wonderland weapons reduced from 299 to 199 and Shield from 299 to 149.
Benefactors Von Stein's weapons reduced from 299 to 209 and Shield from 299 to 159.

Auto Pilot
The Auto Pilot bundles have been removed from the shop. You can now buy the Auto Pilot directly at reduced prices:
Auto Pilot (1 hour) for 9 moolah.
Auto Pilot (3 hours) for 25 moolah.
Auto Pilot (6 hours) for 49 moolah.

Scrub's Tear Seals
Level 75 Seal prices reduced from 1500 to 999.
Level 100 Seal prices reduced from 2500 to 2299.

Work on the next installment of Iris Online at NoScrubs is well under way with a brand new 6 player dungeon and world boss for level 100 players.

Travel to the sunken island and enter the Temple of Ishva and battle the Avatar of Ishva and her consorts for new loot including armor sets, legendary cloaks, and other surprises!


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