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posted on Tuesday, February 06 2018, 03:24 PM in Game Guides
Suggestion- In Battlefield Matches everyone should automatically have maxed out gear and food etc.

Skills would determine the winner! :p :)
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    Mythos GM Mythos
    replied on Tuesday, February 06 2018, 05:55 PM #Permalink
    Problems with that suggestion, starting with food, It vanishes after death, that simple for one.

    Gear: There is SO MANY different enchants for armor to start with, we give you randomized enchanted armor and complaints will fall in of "But their enchants were better" etc etc. Also cards. since you know... no two armor sets are alike people card them all differently. Some may prefer a mixture of Stats, Bear card and tiger card? Or a healer with a full stamina build, Taking away that would lead to some major complaints.

    Finally "skills would determine the winner" right away so even if you have the "same gear" "same food" level 100s who did ALL SP quests would instantly have the win advantage over lvl 86s who enter BF because they can.

    Finally. Look at difference in classes. Skills and armor only make up so much. But without a setup to kill say an Assassin with high eva, you aren't hitting them easily even if they are rocking the same gear same enchant same cards and food at you.

    Look at Glitch caster wizards and sorcs, Still gonna be unfair should you get matched up against those. But then when they walk in against a champion or assassin who uses reflect wisely... they would complain since the gear they had setup to make sure reflect doesn't kill them wouldn't be there anymore.

    But i do understand where that comes from not all maches are fair
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    Chiga Chiga
    replied on Wednesday, February 07 2018, 07:49 AM #Permalink
    The idea is very strange, to give everyone everything. But my idea is even more crazy ^^. In one game (I will not say which one ;) ) match once a week on the map. Both factions are opposite to each other. It is necessary to remove all the outfits (armor, leggings, gloves and shoes, a helmet and a suit). You can leave a weapon, a shield, ornaments, a cloak and a pet. The task is to push the enemy to the place of his respawm and keep him there. The match is given 30 minutes. Prize should be high... If u like this idea, I will say more.
    P.S.. The battle takes place under the supervision of the GM.
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    ergon ergon
    replied on Wednesday, February 07 2018, 04:37 PM #Permalink
    i have idea about bf , when u enter bf u are lv100 right ? when u enter bf u can wear lvl 100 gear while u are not maximum lvl but in bf only so it could be more fair for ppl who has low lvl and still lvling up and they alr have lvl 100 gear
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