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Aleksandra Aleksandra
posted on Saturday, September 12 2020, 09:20 AM in Game Suggestions
Hi Sedy! Need button or combination of them (like Ctrl + D) to make box (chest) with drop gone. Ill explain why.
When farming in low lvl map materials like spirit marbles for example ur bag became full fast if u just press E, to make process of farm faster and then around so many boxes where u alr took materials u need and under or close to them new one. And in this moment u have to clean ur bag - delete low items one by one by removing them from bag or wait when this boxes will gone.
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Please try reinstalling the game client - the monster data files are probably missing/corrupted.
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Apologies, the server crashed. It's now back online.
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I have internet! If you sent me a message, expect a reply soon. Thanks for your patience
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